Ziofen In Ear Earphones Review: A Refreshing Break From Bluetooth Earphones

The Ziofen in ear earphones are a pleasant reminder that even with an increase in Bluetooth earphones, companies are still making wired earphones in their masses. As a fan of Bluetooth earphones, I haven’t used many wired earphones up until I received these and decided to give them a go.

Ziofen in ear earphones design

There’s nod denying that the Ziofen in ear earphones are a stylish set of earphones. The style runs right throughout from the earpieces themselves that are made from a light metal and have a modern design to them to the black cable with a white line twirling around it from top to bottom. The design is completely modern which gives these a cool style that puts even some branded earphones of the same price to shame.

Ziofen In Ear Earphones Review

There’s an in-line microphone/control box present on these earphones, which can be used on most phones nowadays. This works really well with my Android device, which is fantastic.

With a total length of 3.9 feet, there is plenty of cable and I am easily able to use these while they are connected to my phone in my trouser pockets. I even have enough slack left over to ensure I can move the phone about freely.

Ziofen In Ear Earphones Review

The earpieces themselves sit in my ear with ease although they do feel quite tight and this does cause a slight bit of discomfort, especially for long periods of use. Other than this the design is pretty good.

Included with them is a small shell style carry case that is just the right size to be slid into a pocket. This is a great thing to have as it keeps the earphones protected from tangling which itself leads to early wear and tear.

Ziofen in ear earphones audio and microphone quality

The Ziofen in ear earphones offer decent sound as I have come to realize from my time with them so far. The audio is clear for the most part but does suffer slight distortion at higher volumes. The bass is great and offers a decent enough level for personal listening enjoyment. I listen to many genres of music during daily commutes and can happily say these earphones handle each one with ease despite their several different properties.

Ziofen In Ear Earphones Review

The built-in microphone doesn’t disappoint at all. I have used it for normal phone calls and VOIP applications like Skype. It picks my voice up clearlyand is able to potray it to whoever I am talking to with no issues at all.


The Ziofen in ear earphones is a decent pair of in ear earphones with one or two small flaws. They look fantastic but for me are a little uncomfortable and while the audio is decent it does suffer from slight distortion at higher volumes.