ZaKitane KOTION EACH GS700 Gaming Headset Review: A Stylish And Powerful Wallet Friendly Headset


Welcome to my ZaKitane KOTION EACH GS700 Gaming Headset review. This is a relatively low-priced gaming headset (at the time of this review it’s £20.99).


I have owned a few budget friendly Kotion Each gaming headsets and not once have I ever been overly impressed with the build quality of any Kotion Each headset, that is until now. Yes, the material used is still plastic for the most part, but it feels much more sturdier than previous headsets from this company. The overall feel is just so good and I personally think this is their best headset in terms of quality.

In terms of looks, I would again say it’s their best headset. Their others look good too, but this set just looks awesome. The color scheme is fantastic and before I go any further I’ll just mention that this headset is available in either red and black or blue and black, the set I have is red and black. The red coloring is used for trims, the microphone tubing, the LED lights and the inside of the headband. Everywhere else is black with the exception of the plates on the side of each earcup which are finished with a brushed aluminium silver effect. The cable on this headset is red and black. For the other color headset just replace what I said was red above with blue.

ZaKitane KOTION EACH GS700 Gaming Headset Review

The microphone is located on the front of the left earcup.It’s not a rigid body microphone, which is great as it means it not only moves up and down but can also be moved left and right, which means you can move it near your mouth or further away.

Comfort wise the headset is ok. The headband could do with a bit more padding in my opinion as it feels too thin and this does have a slight effect on the comfort. The padding around the earcups is good enough and provides a decent level of comfort. The headset uses an automatic method of adjustment , which makes uses of a strip that runs through the middle of the headband and moves on its own the find the perfect fit for the wearer’s head.

ZaKitane KOTION EACH GS700 Gaming Headset Review

The cable length is 2.1 metres long. The cable is coated in a black and red nylon fabric, which gives it more strength than a traditional cable. Almost half way down the cable is a box that has a volume dial and a LED light switch. The cable has two tips on the end. One is a USB connector for powering the LED lights and the other is a standard 3.5mm audio jack. If you wish to use this with a PC instead of a games console or mobile phone you will need to use the included adaptor. You plug the 3.5mm audio cable into the adaptor and this then splits the cable into an audio and microphone jack cable.

ZaKitane KOTION EACH GS700 Gaming Headset Review

Audio and microphone quality:

Instead of using this headset with my PC for gaming, I decided to use it with my PS4 instead and I am very impressed. I was able to hear people clearly and they were able to hear me. Sounds from the environment of the game were presented well and I was able to hear the footsteps of people sneaking up on me. Chatting was hassle free and I have no complaints.

For the audio, in terms of music, I decided to test this on my mobile phone and boy is it good. The audio is clear and the bass is brilliant. Songs from a budget gaming headset have never sounded so good to me.

ZaKitane KOTION EACH GS700 Gaming Headset Review


This is an amazing gaming headset and by far the best I have used from Kotion Each. It feels well made, looks gorgeous nad has amazing sound qualities. I would definitely recommend this for anyone on a tight budget.


I received this product for a discounted price in return for my honest and unbiased review. This has had no effect on my overall opinion of the product.

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