YIERTOWN Solar Powered Outdoor Insect Killer Review: Works Well But Feels Very Cheap


Welcome to my YIERTOWN Solar Powered Outdoor Insect Killer review. This is cheap outdoor lamp/mosquito killer. It’s solar-powered so can be simply placed in the garden and left alone with no real human interference.

Design and quality:

The lamp looks like a typical box lamp you would see outside. It has a plastic cage shell with a roof covering over it. On the top of the roof is a solar panel that is used to charge the battery. The lid comes off of the cage to give you access to the inside of the cage to empty it of insects and debris. This also gives you access to the lamp and the two battery compartments.

Included with the lamp is a steak that comes in a few different sections and is used to play the lamp into the ground. It works really well and keeps the light sturdily planted into the ground even in high-wind situations.

YIERTOWN Solar Powered

The build quality is ok, but the lamp is made from a cheap and flimsy plastic that feels as if it will break quite easily with the slightest bit of mistreatment such as an accidental knock over or drop, so do be wary if you have a large pet.

In use:

This lamp is really simple to use and takes no time to set up. Initial use does require you to leave the lamp outside in the off position with at least 24 hours of sun before turning it on to charge the batteries.

YIERTOWN Solar Powered

There are two lamp colors to choose from, one is white and the other is an insect attracting blue light. These two colors are switched between by using the three position switch on the underside of the lamp. When on the lamps are a nice bright color and the blue one does a wonderful job of attracting the insects while the wire gives them a buzz that kills them off.


This is a good lamp that works really well and fulfills its purposes. The build quality is lacking though and the lamp does look and feel quite cheap.


I received this product at a discounted price in return for my honest and unbiased review. This has had no effect on my overall opinion of the product.

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