VicTsing 1.3L Teardrop Shaped Essential Oil Diffuser Review

Today I am reviewing the VicTsing 1.3L Teardrop shaped Essential Oil Diffuser.


I have reviewed many diffusers all of different shapes and sizes and all with different features, but out of every single one of them so far, this one stands out the most for one main reason and that’s the water tank. All the other diffusers I have reviewed have a simple bowl section for the water and oil, this one, however, uses a tank that you fill with the liquid and then the tank drips the liquid through to the bowl instead. This actually means it can store more water at a time than most of the others I have used.

It’s also one of the nicest designs of diffuser I have seen in a while. As you can tell by the title of this review, it’s shaped like a teardrop. The top section which is also the water tank takes on the form of the beginning of the teardrop while the base section which is also the water bowl finishes it off nicely.

VicTsing 1.3L Teardrop Shaped Essential Oil Diffuser

Located on the bowl section is a button that turns the LED light system on and off as well as a dial which controls the mist level. I actually really like this dial as it gives me more control over the level of mist present, all my other diffusers with mist control just use a button that selects between only two levels of mist. Also present is a small LED which tells you the current power status of the unit.

At the very top of the unit is a removable spout that can be turned 360 degrees to give you control over the directions the diffuser blow the vapour off into.

Also unlike other diffusers I have used, this one comes with a built-in plug instead of the typical adapter, this isn’t an issue but just another thing that’s different and makes this feel a bit more unique.

In use:

Ok, I must admit I’m slightly confused with this diffuser as it has an oil tray in the bottom, now as simple as it may be the instructions don’t explain how to actually put the oil into the diffuser, do you use the tray? Or do you just put the oil in the water tank and allow the diffuser to work as a normal diffuser? I must admit I still don’t know as none of my other diffusers use a tray. I have tried both methods and in all honesty, the traditional method of mixing the water and the oil together seemed to work better. I do think I’m supposed to use the tray but in all honesty, some instructions in regards to the oil would have been nice.

VicTsing 1.3L Teardrop Shaped Essential Oil Diffuser

Thanks to the mist dial on this unit, you have plenty of levels to of mist to use, you can have it low and work your way around the dial to get a huge blow of mist. Thanks to the spout that can be rotated 360 degrees you also get control over what direction the mist is being pushed in.

The light feature is another really nice feature to have, however unlike most others there’s no option to have it set to a fixed colour, it’s either going to be turned off or cycling through the seven colours.


A fantastic diffuser that looks good and works well, however, the one issue I have is that the instructions don’t explain where to put the oil for proper use.

DISCLAIMER: I received this product for free in return for my honest and unbiased review. This has had no effect on my overall opinion of the product.

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