Ultnice Six Piece Large Stainless Steel Pegs Review: Large Pegs That Have A Wide Range Of Uses


Welcome to my Ultnice Six Piece Large Stainless Steel Pegs review. These are large pegs that are ideal for things like beach towels, keeping tarpaulin secure or as I have been doing, using them for quilt pegs.

Design and build quality:

There are six pegs in this set and each one is exactly the same. they are all silver and all very large. They are made from a stainless steel and have a simple spring coil open and close mechanism. The large size makes these pegs perfect for hanging out duvets which are too heavy for normal plastic pegs. The pegs also have holes in the top of them that allows you to run string through them if you wish to hang things such as cards from them.

The build quality of these is alright and they do feel pretty solid although the steel does feel thin and could be bent easily if mistreated. Other than that everything else seems fine. I have even left them on the line in wet weather and they still look new.

Ultnice Six Piece Large Stainless Steel

In use:

As I mentioned above I have been using these mainly for holding heavy quilts on my washing line as small plastic pegs just aren’t strong enough and often end up falling off the line taking the quilt with them or break while also letting the quilt drop to the grass below. With these pegs, these issues are none existent and I’m free to leave my quilts hanging on their own without having to constantly keep checking on the pegs.

Ultnice Six Piece Large Stainless Steel


These pegs are fantastic. They do a wonderful job of holding up my heavy quilts and although there is one slight issue with build quality, they are pretty well made overall.


I received this product for free in return for my honest and unbiased review. This has had no effect on my overall opinion of the product.

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