ToyZe Bump And Go Action Boeing 747 Airplane Review: A Fun Little Toy


Welcome to my ToyZe Bump and Go Action Boeing 747 Airplane review. This interesting little toy is a replica of the renowned Boeing 747 plane that has been designed to be enjoyed by children as a fun little toy.

Design and quality:

Upon receiving this there is some slight assembly but it’s very easy and requires no tools at all. There’s the main body of the plane, two large wings, two smaller rear wings and a tail. The wings and tail all simply slot into the body of the main plain. The large wings have metal contacts on them that ensure the lights work when the plane is turned on.

While the wings fit into the plane quite easily, I did sadly notice the real wings do often fall out-of-place, which is a great annoyance as you would imagine. It may be a good idea to use glue or something to secure these into place.

ToyZe Bump And Go Action Boeing 747

Once fully assembled the plane looks great and is almost the full spitting image of a Boeing 747 passenger jet. I say almost because I’m pretty sure a full size real 747 doesn’t have a big flashing light strip on the top of it.

The plane requires three AA batteries to provide power for its lights, sounds and bump and go feature. The batteries don’t come included so you do need to provide your own.

Quality wise it could be better, as there’s no denying the plastic used does feel quite cheap and the plane has a very light weight to it. I really don’t think this is going to last very long at all, especially with a young child.

The funtertainment test:

My son has spent quite a bit of time playing with this plane so far and it’s very easy to see that he enjoys it. The lights and noises it makes are quite entertaining, although there’s no volume control and as it stands the noises it makes are quite loud.

ToyZe Bump And Go Action Boeing 747

It’s a bump and go toy, which means it moves along on its own and should it hit something like a skirting board or other common obstacle it will simply reverse back and turn to go on its merry little way again. This feature works quite well and it’s very fun to watch the plane do its thing.


This is a fun little plane that my son enjoys quite a lot. There are a few issues regarding the quality in my opinion and the fact you can’t lower the volume is a real annoyance.


I received this product for free in return for my honest and unbiased review. This has had no effect on my overall opinion of the product.

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