Top Race 15 Channel Full Functional Professional RC Excavator Review

This full Functional Professional RC Excavator by Top Race is a premium priced excavator that is complete with real working digger, 680 degrees cab rotation and rubber tracks. It’s definitely one for Christmas and as soon as I had finished playing with it for the review, it was handed over to Santa for my son.

Top Race 7 Channel Full Functional RC Excavator, Battery Powered Electric RC Remote Control Construction Tractor With Lights & Sound (TR-111)
  • Top Race 7 Ch Full Functional Excavator, Electric RC Remote Control Construction Tractor Excavator with Lights & Sound.
  • Fully Functional: Forward, backward, Left, Right, Arm Up and Down, Rotating 680° Degrees With Lights and Sound
  • Very detailed craftsmanship just like a real excavator, for indoors or outdoors, sandbox etc.
  • NO CHARGING HASSLE: 1:18 scale Ready to Run, Excavator uses 4x AA Batteries Transmitter uses 2 AA Batteries (not included). The product requires new alkaline batteries and not used ones in order for it to work and function fully and properly.
  • Length: 14" Width: 6" Height: 8", Great toy for kids ages 3 and up even adults will enjoy this toy,

How well designed is this full functional professional RC excavator ?

I love just how much this looks like a real excavator, yes it’s made from plastic and is about 10,000 times smaller but still it looks just as good. It’s finished with a construction site yellow and even has plastic piping that represents the hydraulic pipes that usually line the digger arm of real excavators. Talking of the arm, both it and the scoop are actually made from metal, unlike the body which is plastic.

The level of detail is so good, the excavator actually has a small cockpit area with a seat and levers. Of course, this is all made from black plastic, so doesn’t look as nice as the real thing or even as nice as the exterior of this toy.

Top Race 15 Channel Full Functional Professional RC Excavator Review

This full functional professional RC excavator toy also has LED lights and makes sounds. Much like the Top Race crane I reviewed recently, these lights do feel unneeded as they give the product a slightly cheesy look. Since this is a model version and not a typical toy, these lights are just out-of-place.

On the top of the excavator behind the cab area is a removable panel that to the untrained eye looks like any typical panel you would see on a real excavator. Lifting this up reveals the battery compartment that has enough room for the battery pack and its cable connection. Talking of the battery pack, this comes with a 700mAh rechargeable battery pack to power the full functional professional RC excavator.

Top Race 15 Channel Full Functional Professional RC Excavator Review

The included controller is packed full of several buttons including levers for going backward and forwards, turning the excavator 680 degrees, turn the lights and sound on or off as well as buttons for lifting the digger arm up and letting it down. This

In terms of build quality, this full functional professional RC excavator is extremely well-built. It looks the part and is resistant to accidental bumps as I learned during my test run with it before it went to get wrapped up.

What’s it like to play with ?

I had 25 minutes playing with this before handing it over to the wrapping pile and I must say I was quite impressed. The controls were responsive and the movement was smooth and fluent on my laminate flooring. I was even able to dig up some dirt in my back garden using this full functional professional RC excavator. I did find the lights quite annoying as I mentioned above, but these can be turned off thankfully.

I know that my little boy is going to love this when he gets his hands on it, this upcoming Christmas. He loves RC vehicles so I do feel he’s definitely going to get a lot of use out of this marvelous toy.


This full functional professional RC excavator by Top Race is a fantastic product that would be an ideal gift for Christmas or any other special occasion coming up such as a birthday. It’s well made and other than my disliking of the lights, there really is nothing wrong with this at all.


I was kindly sent this product for free by the seller in return for my honest and unbiased review. This has had no effect on my overall opinion of the product.

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