SINACO Metal Pull Back School Bus Review: A Feature Packed Pull Back Toy

This SINACO metal pull back school bus could just well be an excellent Christmas present for under the tree this year, It’s a die-cast bus that is packed with loads of interesting a fun features to entertain children for hours.

Is this a well-designed metal pull back school bus ?

In my opinion, this is a well-designed metal pull back school bus. It appears to be modeled after an American school bus of the truck style bonnet variety, in other words, the front isn’t flat. It’s not just the modeling that’s realistic, though, the features are too, for example, there’s a bonnet that opens to reveal an engine, there are two doors on the right-hand side that both open, then around the back end is a safety exit door that opens, living on the left-hand side of the bus is the iconic stop sign that sticks out to tell motorists behind to stop. At the front of the bus are the standard mirrors mounted on level with the driver and a set of mirrors mounted to the bonnet area. Other notable features include working head and tail lights, vents on the roof and real working sounds including the tune of If you’re happy and you know it. To be honest, the tune bit is extremely annoying and also makes this toy feel a bit babyish, plus if you’re going to add a tune to a metal pull back toy bus, why is that tune not The wheels on the bus ?

SINACO Metal Pull Back School Bus

The material used for the body of the bus is die-cast metal, so this does have quite a strong feeling to it. It’s very robust and has so far taken a few crashes with no issues at all. It also has a pull back motor that allows it to fly across a surface with a good amount of speed below its wheels.

What does my son think of it ? 

Me and my son have spent a good few hours playing with this toy together and it’s safe to say from what I have seen that he loves it. He plays with it quite a lot, but this is no surprise as he loves things with wheels.

He really does enjoy the lights and the sounds of this metal pull back school bus, although I do personally hate it when it starts to play If you’re happy and you know it, which it plays when you open the front door. He also enjoys opening the many doors on it and a few times now I have sat with him as he roleplays a mechanic fixing the engine of the bus.

SINACO Metal Pull Back School Bus

The pull back feature is also something he really enjoys, as he does with any other pull back vehicle he has. This metal pull back school bus is actually one of the best pull back vehicles he owns and is one of the fastest.


It’s clear to see that my son loves this metal pull back toy quite a lot. It’s fun to play with and has many different interesting features. The music it plays is rather annoying and does get on my nerves.


I received this product at a discounted price in return for my honest and unbiased review. This has had no effect on my overall opinion of the product.

  • Licensed By KINSMART
  • Scale: 5" DieCast Metal With Some Plastic Parts
  • Rubber Tires & Detailed Interior

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