Sinaco 1:22 Scale Toy Tipper Truck Review: Fun And Fast With A Strong Design


Welcome to my review of the Sinaco 1:22 Scale Toy Tipper Truck. This is a large-ish toy truck that can provide hours of fun thanks to its cab and rear tipper compartment, both of which can be tipped away from the body.

Design and quality:

This 1:22 scale toy tipper truck looks like almost like a real tipper truck, with the only differences being the material the truck is made from and the size of it. The material used is a strong ABS plastic which thankfully is able to withstand most impacts, which as the father to a toddler is quite a relief.

Both the cab and the rear tipper of the truck can be tipped. The cab tips forwards to reveal an engine block, very similar to how a real truck cab tips. The rear loader tips backward and also has a flap that opens and closes. It opens to release the contents of the tipper. While this is an awesome feature set that really adds to what you can do with this toy, there is a slight issue. The issue is that the catches that hold the cab and the tipper in place are quite tough, this means quite a bit of effort is required to open them. The effort required is enough to make you think you may accidentally break the truck.

Sinaco 1:22 Scale Toy Tipper Truck

Also present is a pull-back motor that allows you to pull the truck back, let it go and watch as it zooms forwards. Quite surprisingly it’s really fast when pulled back. It can shoot from one end of my hallway to the other in no time at all.

The build quality of this toy is quite good, with no major issues to cause concern, other than the stiff catches for the cab and tipper. I am actually quite surprised by the quality of this 1:22 scale toy tipper truck.

In use:

My son loves this toy truck quite a lot. He plays with a few times a week and has yet to show any disappointment about. He often loads the tipper up with random things like cars and other small toys and uses his imagination to create different scenarios with the truck.

Sinaco 1:22 Scale Toy Tipper Truck

He also loves the pull back feature and the speed the truck goes at once it has been pulled back. We have held little races with a few pull back toys including this one and it’s always such a laugh.


With only or two little issues, this is a fantastic truck, that provides my child with tons of fun and stimulation. The toy feels nice and solid and does stand up very well to impacts.


I received this product at a discounted price in return for my honest and unbiased review. This has had no effect on my overall opinion of the product.