Reechin 180 Pieces Toy Building Set Review: A Fun And Educational Toy


Welcome to my Reechin 180 Pieces Toy Building Set review. As the father of a young boy, I know just how important it is for young children to develop through both play and basic education. This toy is an option that provides both of them.

Design and quality:

The idea behind this toy is a simple one. Your child uses the included plastic pieces and the board to create cool pictures. There are several different shaped pieces. Each shape comes in four colors, with each color having eight of each shape. Also included are fifty bolts available in five colors, with each color having ten bolts each. There’s also a plastic screwdriver, a case and a board to create the pictures on.

With this toy, the idea is to use the plastic pieces and the bolts to mount 2D plastic objects onto the board. These objects can be anything your child wants from cars to helicopters and so much more. They can create things from their imagination or take a look at the included manual which is full of different things to make.

Reechin 180 Pieces Toy Building Set

Each bolt screw into the board with the shape pieces in between. When the screws are in place, they are quite secure and hold the shapes down with ease. Removing them is simple as all you have to do is unscrew them with the screwdriver and then pull them out.

The board itself is a thick white slab that has 169 even spaced holes for the screws to be placed in. This creates a large enough surface area to create many different 2D Objects. The board sits on top of a neat tray for storing all the pieces in when not in use. This tray is split into several different compartments for all of the pieces.

Build quality is an important factor in any child’s toy, as the last thing anyone wants is their child playing with a badly made toy. That’s why I am happy to say this toy is very well made. All of the parts feel strong and slot together as they should.

Reechin 180 Pieces Toy Building Set

The funtertainment test:

Me and my son have sat down quite a few times together to play with this toy and from my observations, it’s very clear to see that he enjoys playing with it. He sometimes plays with it himself and sometimes I sit with him. When he’s on his own, he obviously can’t make the more advanced images, but when we sit together I help him and he lays the parts in place, he can even use the screwdriver to secure the bolts.

Not only is toy fun, it’s also educational as it helps to teach shapes and colors. I have sat down a few times with the shapes and asked my son what the shape was and what color it is. Being at the nursery level he did quite well, but I feel like this is still a good way to strengthen his abilities.

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I really have struggled to find a bad point about this toy. It’s well made and provides both fun and education to my little boy. I would definitely recommend it if you have a young child.


I received this product for free in return for my honest and unbiased review. This has had no effect on my overall opinion of the product.

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