Playtech Logic RC Drift Car Review: A Monster Of An RC Car


Welcome to my Playtech Logic RC Drift Car review. RC cars are a lot of fun, particularly when they are huge and designed to drift just like this one.

Design and build quality:

As is quite common with a few of the items I have had from Playtech logic, the model and color version you get of this car is completely random, unfortunately, this means I can only base the review off the model and color I have received, however, this only really applies to the shell of the car and my guess is that the main body with the motor and electricals is the same on each model. Of course, It would be nice to have a choice of what you get, but PTL has for some reason or other decided against this.

The car I have received is known as ‘Firebird’ and no this doesn’t mean it looks anything like a Pontiac Firebird, in fact, it looks more like a typical drifting car.

Playtech Logic RC Drift Car

It has been finished with a bronze and blue paint scheme with several made up sponsor’s brand logos as well as a cool looking Eagle head at each side of the car. On the front bonnet of the car is bird similar to the one seen on the front of some classic Pontiac Firebirds.

The shell of the car is made from a strong plastic that is found with many RC cars. This means the shell is both durable and easy to replace. The shell isn’t screwed onto the main chassis of the car, instead, it’s clipped on, which means it can easily be lifted off. There are two clips at the front and two at the back. The clip poles have several holes for adjustment, which means if you get a large shell say one modeled like a 4X4 you will be able to place it on the frame.

Under the shell are the basic parts that make the car run, such as the motor and steering mechanism. Also, present is the cable set that connects everything together to create a working RC car. The presentation here isn’t really that good and everything looks messy in comparison to the more expensive RC cars I have reviewed in the past. You can definitely tell these are pure budget parts just by looking at them.

The low price of this car also shines through with the included remote which is a rather generic trigger style remote control with a wheel on the side for steering. The overall appearance of the remote is plain and basic, with no interesting features at all. It’s powered by a 9V battery, which does come included. I, however, have been using a rechargeable battery as I do with all RC cars to save money in the long run.

The wheels on the car are made from plastic, which is great for smooth surfaces, however, if you want to hit the tarmac you’ll be happy to know four tyres are included. These are a bit hard to put on, but if you soak them in warm water first they become easier to install.

The car is powered by its own rechargeable battery. This battery only last about 20 minutes between each charge and since it takes 4 hours to fully charge that’s not really a lot of playtime considering two charges take up 8 hours of the day.

The overall build quality is quite good although you will find the plastic shell’s paintwork will scratch very easily as you crash into things, however, the shell stays nicely intact. Another issue I came across as you’ll see at the end of the video in the in use section is the clips holding the spoiler onto the shell easily come off in the event of rear bumps, which results in the spoiler falling off.

Playtech Logic RC Drift Car

In use:

I haven’t yet used the car on tarmac but have used it inside my home on my laminate flooring and it works quite well. It is quite noisy though and when you steer it, it seems to make a loud buzzing like noise. It responds quite well to commands from the controller and is also quite fast. Since it’s a drifting car it does take some time to get used to and as you can see from my video even I am not that good at all.

At the end of the video, you will hear the car hit a skirting board and the spoiler falling off before the car comes back into view with no spoiler. This is what I was on about in the design area of the review. The spoiler wasn’t broken and neither was the car, the clips simply slipped out and needed to be put back in.


This is a really fun RC car. It’s fast and durable. The components used obviously aren’t high-end and the main chassis is a mess but the car is still really fun to drive. The shell design is really cool and I love the color scheme as well as the pictures on it.


I received this product at a discounted price in return for my honest and unbiased review. This has had no effect on my overall opinion of the product.