Metakoo Storm RC Car Review: A Fast And Furious All Terrain RC Car

Welcome to my Metakoo Storm RC Car review. The Storm is a four-wheel drive all terrain 1:12 scale RC car that aims to provide RC fun even on the harshest of terrain.


Coming in with a scale of 1:12 this is a large RC car and as somebody who’s not an RC expert this is the largest I actually own, the size may be big but it doesn’t have any impact on just how well this car can perform.

As this is an off-road RC it wouldn’t make sense if it looked something like a sports car, luckily it doesn’t and it actually resembles a Dune Buggy. The buggy body is coloured in orange while things like the roll bar and bumpers are coloured in black. The Metakoo brand is slapped across the bodywork of the car, this actually gives it the appearance of a proper sporting car as it sort of looks like how a sponsor would have their branding slapped across a real car.

Metakoo Storm RC Car

The bodywork consists oof PVC shell. Now PVC might sound weird, but anybody who knows RC cars will know this is a very strong material. It flexes, it bends, but it doesn’t seem to break very easily. I have another Metakoo RC car with a body that is completely made of PVC and I have crashed that so many times, into the like of brick walls, trees and even had it doing insane mid-air flips and it came out of every one of those crashes with a still fully intact body. This one has gone through the same stuff and still come out fully intact. Did I mention the shell is marked as ‘explosion proof’, well now I did, but in all honesty, I don’t have the tools to test this claim.

The body can be easily removed from the frame of the car, to make it fully possible to access the main chassis that houses the motor, gears, suspension, and transmitter. It’s simply held to the chassis of the car using a set of four clip pins that can be easily removed and re-added when need be as well as two screws. If inserted correctly these will stay securely in place no matter what. When removing the body you will notice that the lights are wired up using a simple enough set of cables that can be disconnected from each other to allow you to fully remove the body shell.

Despite being a generic model, the controller for this RC car is quite good. It’s a trigger style controller that makes use of a trigger to move the car forwards and backwards. It uses a wheel to turn the car left and right. There’s also buttons present which adjust both the D/R and the trim of the steering. This is powered by three AA batteries (Not included).

Metakoo Storm RC Car

In use:

Now where to begin. Well, I can start by saying this is one fun RC car to drive. It’s fast, in fact, it’s so fast that on the listing it claims it can do up to 24mph. It’s also very much not afraid of bumpy terrain or driving through grass.

As you can see from the video below it’s quite a fast little runner. Of course, the grass was too wet so I have stuck to paving slabs for my video of this in action.

Of course, this needs to be powered by a battery and unfortunately the provided battery only last 15 minutes before needing to be recharged, this to me is a slight letdown as it means you don’t get a lot of fun from just one battery. It also takes 2 hours to charge the battery, which means 2-hour breaks between all the fun. Of course you could just buy another battery and have two but still, this would only be 30 minutes of run time.


This is a fast RC car that performs well on concrete and rough terrain. As an all terrain vehicle, it handles all type of terrain with ease. I love driving over big bumps and in all honesty this is the most fun I have had with an RC car.

DISCLAIMER: I received this product at a discounted price in return for my honest and unbiased review. This has had no effect on my overall opinion of the product.