Ferrari LaFerrari Remote Control Car Review: A Gorgeous RC Representation Of A Beautiful Car


Welcome to my Ferrari LaFerrari Remote Control Car review. RC cars are a lot of fun and there’s no doubt about that, but most of the cheap ones nowadays are kind of boring and lacking in the looks department. this one, however, isn’t boring or lacking since it’s an officially licensed Ferrari LaFerrari. This means the designers have been able to copy the design and use the Ferrari badges with legal consent. The scale of this car is 1:24.


If you have ever seen a Ferrari LaFerrari, you will most likely know it’s a beautiful car, unless you disagree that is. Anyway, to me, it’s a gorgeous car both in real life and as a shrunk down RC version. Since it’s a cheap price you don’t get a detailed interior view, instead the windows are a solid black, which means they are not see through and all that’s under the shell of the car are the components required to make it work. The exterior, however, is really well made and does an excellent job of emulating the real thing. From back to front all the things that make the real car look gorgeous are her, from the air vents at the front to that gorgeous rear end, everything is as it should be. The only thing I don’t like is the fact the wing mirrors are made from rubber and feel like they can be easily pulled off.

Ferrari LaFerrari Remote Control Car

The remote is rather basic and does feel a bit cheap, however, it gets the job done and is really easy to use. It has the basic buttons for moving forwards, backwards left and right. The control is powered by 2 AA batteries, while the car is powered by 3 AA batteries. The batteries don’t come included so you will have to provide your own. I have been using rechargeable batteries as this is a cheaper option in the long run.

The funtertainment test:

Since this is a toy, I will be using the ‘funtertainment test’ to write about how ‘funtertaining’ this car is, instead of the ‘in use’ I use for other reviews.

While this car is designed to be used by older children, I have still done the test with my three-year-old boy as he loves RC cars and is quite a whizz with them. He has enjoyed this car so much and has really gotten the hang of it. He seems to be doing really good with the basic yet simple to use controller. Like anyone who does have his crashes , but given that he’s only three I am quite impressed with just how quickly he picked up the controls for this car.

Ferrari LaFerrari Remote Control Car

In terms of fun, he really does seem to love driving this around and we have both had a fun time playing with it by racing it with other cars. He also enjoys just using it with the controller and looking at it.

The speed is really good and the handling is brilliant, in fact, the handling is so good my three year old can handle it like a pro at times.


This is a gorgeous representation of a gorgeous car. It looks beautiful and emulates the real thing quite well. It handles like a charm and is quite fast. It’s so easy to use my three-year-old boy can do it.


I received this product at a discounted price in return for my honest and unbiased review. This has had no effect on my overall opinion of the product.