Beby Kid’s Role Play Cash Register Set Review: A Fun And Effective Way To Teach Children Role Play


Welcome to my Beby Kid’s Role Play Cash Register Set review. Role play is a really vital part of any child’s development, it can help shape their future and how they see things around them. This toy is an ideal tool for enhancing a child’s view of the world around them.

Design and build quality:

The set comes with a cash register with a conveyor belt and scanner, a plastic key, some paper money and plastic coin money, a plastic debit card, some items of food and a basket. The main part of the set, which is the register is made from a tough feeling plastic and consists of three parts which are as follows, the main register with buttons and a lockable money drawer, the conveyor belt which can be moved using a slider on the side and lastly is the scanning device, which can be used to scan the food items. The register also has a real functioning calculator on it, which also makes it great for teaching basic math skills.

There are two lots of money included with the set (none of it is real, unfortunately). There are coins and paper money, which all use proper currency. Also included is a debit/credit card, to ensure the toy fits in with the times.

Beby Kid’s Role Play Cash

Instead of plastic food products, the set comes with cardboard boxes with a few boxes that each have a different food on them. These boxes are decorated very similar to real food product boxes you would find in an actual supermarket. I would have preferred a few plastic bottles as well like I have seen in other sets. Then, of course, there is the basket to store it all in as you and your child or they and their friends play pretend supermarket.

While the build quality is quite good it’s not ‘perfect’ but it’s still good enough for a small child. There are a few issues such as the one I have found on the conveyor belt. The issue here is that the sliding switch at the side is a bit stiff, but with a bit of force, it does thankfully move. The other issue which is more likely not widespread and probably just on the one I received is that the letter n on the word open on the drawer button is smudged. Not a major issue, but still enough to be an annoyance.

Beby Kid’s Role Play Cash

 The funtertainment test:

As my child is now at nursery, the word roleplay has seen a huge increase in my household. Roleplay is an important skill that helps us throughout our entire life and can even be a factor in what career a person may decide to take. This is why I see this toy as quite an important tool in my child’s life. A number of times we have sat and he has pretended to either be the cashier while I’m the customer or be the customer while I’m the cashier, already the fundamentals of good roleplay are being taught by this toy assigning at least two people to different roles.

Beby Kid’s Role Play Cash

Then, of course, it’s also educational as it aids in teaching basic math skills. Not only can you use the coins and paper money to do basic math along the lines of adding and taking away, you can also use the register’s built-in calculator to do basic math. This is a great way of making maths fun (Oh man that felt wrong, maths and fun, seems impossible) while also maintaining the educational function of the toy.

Of course, fun is also a major factor that toys need to provide to not end up gathering dust in a corner and so far the fate of this toy isn’t bad at all, it’s still out and gets regular use. My little boy really enjoys it and once we get playing can be with it for a while, finding different products such as other toys we can use as items for sale. There’s just so many things you can use.


This is a fantastic toy that offers a great level of roleplaying. It’s also educational thanks to the way in which promotes basic math skills. The build quality is mostly good with only a few small issues.


I received this product at a discounted price in return for my honest and unbiased review. This has had no effect on my overall opinion of the product.

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