Ancheer Kids Surfing Kick Scooter Review: A Stylish Well Made Scooter

The Ancheer kids surfing kick scooter is a four-wheeled scooter designed for children 4 years and older. It’s been designed with stunts in mind but can also be used like any other scooter.

Ancheer Kids Surfing Kick Scooter features

C-Shape Protective Design: The Handlebar with a comfortable rubber grip which features unique C-shape protective design acts like a bumper for a hard collision. Unique Design Prevents Sharp Dangerous Turns. Low-to-the-ground and wide deck simply hop on and start scooting.

4 PU Wheel Design & Drifting: Our unique 4 wheel design gives the surfing pro scooter both increased stability and added safety as well as helping children develop balance. The 4 wheels are made of the highest quality, durable, anti-abrasive polyurethane, creating the smoothest possible glide, even on urban sidewalks.Very suitable for kids of any skill level sliding and drifting

Ancheer Kids Surfing Kick Scooter Review

Durable Frame & 143lbs Capacity: High density and Sturdy PP body frame with reinforced heat-treated aircraft-grade aluminum alloy deck inside, adds durability and allows grinding. The deck is low-to-the-ground, and large enough(64 * 25cm/ 24.96*9.75 inches) for both feet making it easy for little ones to easily and confidently hop on and off. supports riders up to 65kg/143 lbs, Recommended for kids ages 4 and older

Rear Break & Folding Design: Fender/Spray protection quick-react Patented Foot Rear Brake is easy to use for quick and firm breaking fast. Innovative 1 Seconds Easy-Folding Mechanism design makes scooter easy to take anywhere. Perfect for quick storage and transportation

100% Money Back Guarantee: We stand behind the quality of our products. If at anytime you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase feel free to return it to us for a full and prompt refund. We value your business and would be happy to answer any questions that you might have regarding our kick scooter.

Ancheer Kids Surfing Kick Scooter

The scooters from my childhood all used to look the same, in other words, flat boards with a wheel on the back and a set of handles with a wheel at the bottom. Not a bad design by any means, but certainly a tired one, especially now in 2017. This one breaks away from the boring traditional design and instead of having a typical flat body, it instead has a curved body which enables the rider to do stunts if they so wish.

Instead of a fixed steering set with a wheel mounted in the middle of a set of forks, this scooter has a steering set that is separate from the handles and consists of two wheels sat on a mechanism that turns when the rider leans left or right. Of course, this can be a bit tricky at first, especially for children who are used to the fixed steering set that turns with the handles.

The frame of this scooter is made with reinforced heat-treated aircraft grade aluminum alloy for strong take-all-life throws at it scooter. The frame bends in the middle for extra strength. This, of course, isn’t visible when looking at the scooter head on since there’s a deck covering it. Talking of the deck, the one on this scooter is made from a strong plastic and has a rear brake section that pushes down to stop the rear wheels. Like the frame, the deck is bent, but only towards the top where it meets the handles. I may as well go ahead and say it, the handles are also like the frame but with a much bigger curve in that allows the rider grip the handles as if they were straight and if storage is an issue you’ll be happy to know the handles can also be folded down when the scooter is not in use.

Another thing to praise about this scooter is that it comes already built, which means no time wasted and no cursing. Simply get it out of the box, unfold it and you’re good to go.

Like I mentioned earlier in the review, the steering is a bit hard to get used to, especially for my four years old who has been using fixed steering scooters for a while now. I even tried it and while I have got the hang of it, I still have moments where the steering gets the best of me and I end up nearly or completely falling off. I do think the age range for this is a bit optimistic as it starts from four and up but given the size of the scooter and the steering method, I would say six is more like the starter age for this scooter, that said my four-year-old does like it and can ride it, although not as good as his normal scooters.


The Ancheer kids surfing kick scooter is a fantastic scooter with a strong design and amazing style. While I do feel the starter age is rather optimistic, it’s clear to see my son does enjoy it, even if the steering is an issue. There really isn’t too much I can fault with this scooter as it’s just as good as most of the more expensive well-known brand versions.