Toptrek Twin LED Front Bike Light Review

The Toptrek twin LED front bike light is one of Toptrek’s latest entries into the bike light market. It consists of two CREE LED bulbs to provide twice the light of similar solo lights. The set contains one light and a charging cable as well as the required mounting system.

When it comes to bike lights size might be an important factor to some people and if you like your lights to be small and take up very little room on your handlebars, then look away now. While not massive, the Toptrek twin LED front bike light certainly is big with dimensions of 93.3*57.8*30.5mm. This means the light does take up a bit of space and is slightly bigger than any typical single LED light. If you’re not too bothered by size and don’t require loads of spare room on your handles, then just like me, you may find this light to be worth the space it takes up.

In terms of looks, it’s nothing special. It has an almost rectangular shape to it, with black being the choice of color for most of it and silver being the color used for the area surrounding the lenses. This scheme consisting of two colors gives the light a modern look.

  Toptrek Twin LED Front Bike Light Review

On the left-hand side of the light is a power button that is simple to use, to turn on one bulb only you simply push it once, to switch to the bulb on the other side push it again and a third push activates both bulbs, then lastly a fourth push sets the light to flicker mode. Holding the button down turns the light off completely. meanwhile, the right-hand side is home to a flap that covers the microUSB charging point.

The Toptrek twin LED front bike light has been designed to a standard that has allowed it to be awarded an IPX5 rating. This means the light is water-resistant and has been tested with a burst of water spray from multiple directions and survived the ordeal in working order.

Of course, a source of power is very important for bike lights. Quite often bike lights use store-bought batteries such as AA batteries, but this one uses a built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery. The battery is capable of delivering three hours of power when both LED bulbs are lit, or six hours of power when just one is lit. I use both LED at the same time and my longest time between charges has been about 2 hours and 45 minutes, so not too bad, but could be a bit better, especially for those longer rides.

A well-designed bike light also deserves a well-designed setup system and that’s exactly what you get here. Installation is quick and simple as there are no tools required at all. All you need is the help of your fingers for tightening a thumb nut. The installation system consists of a clamp that sits around your handlebars and secures into place with the tightening of the thumb nut. Once done the light is nice and steady and I feel it’s securely in its place.

I’ve had a few night-time rides with this light and must say, it’s impressive in terms of brightness. With 500 lumens shining on the path ahead, my night-time vision is certainly quite good. I can clearly see the road or path ahead of me and I feel completely safe in the knowledge that motorists and other road users can easily see me coming. I’m also impressed with just how easy it is to use, thanks to the one button operation.

Toptrek Twin LED Front Bike Light Review

So overall the Toptrek twin LED front bike light is an amazing bit of kit. It looks good and works really well. Installing it on my bike took no time at all, thanks to the toolless installation. The only thing that could be better is the battery life in my opinion.


  • Easy to set up
  • Easy to use
  • Choice of single or both LED lit
  • IPX5 rating


  • Weak in the battery department