Top Race Interlocking Blocks F15 Fighter Jet Model Review: A Brilliant Representation Of The Real Thing


Welcome to my Top Race Interlocking Blocks F15 Fighter Jet Model review. This is a model of the amazing F15 fighter jet, as you can see from the title it uses ‘interlocking blocks’, so basically it’s like Lego, but it’s not Lego branded.

Design and quality:

In this set, you get 271 different pieces ranging from small blocks to large wings. With the exception of a few pieces the blocks are all colored in grey to fit with the F15 color scheme. Some of the blocks have F15 related printing on them such as a badge and numbers. As well as the main jet itself you also get the missiles that are often seen hanging off the bottom of the jet during times of combat.

Race Interlocking Blocks F15 Fighter Jet Model Review

The quality of each of the blocks is surprisingly good for a product that essentially copies Lego in all ways possible. The blocks are made from what feels and looks like ABS plastic. This means the blocks are as strong as they need to be. I did have a few issues, but I’ll talk about that in the building section of the review.

The finished product is a stunning representation of the real thing. It includes features such as the air brake, landing gear and stabilizers as well as all the other features of the jet. There’s also a person included to sit in the jet, although it’s technically just a head.


While building the jet wasn’t too hard, it did take me a few hours due to the fact 99% of the pieces are grey, which meant picking out the pieces I needed was sometimes like finding a needle in a haystack. This is a problem I have never really encountered with real Lego blocks as the blocks are split into separate bags that each had a number on them, whereas the blocks in this kit were split into seperate bags, but with no particular order, so basically all the bags had to be opened at the same time.

Race Interlocking Blocks F15 Fighter Jet Model Review

I do have to say the bricks need quite a bit of pressure to ensure they stay down properly or you end up with bits falling off at the slightest movement, for example, the missiles keep falling off if I move it a slight bit. While the other blocks now stay down for me these and a few other things still fall off with slight movement. It may be a good idea to invest in some building block glue.

The included manual was actually really easy to follow and I don’t think it needs improving at all. The images are clear and the instructions guide you through each step of the building process.


I am impressed by this F15 fighter jet model as it looks like the real thing, only much smaller. The overall quality of the building blocks is great although some of them do have issues staying in place.


I received this product for free in return for my honest and unbiased review. This has had no effect on my overall opinion of the product.