Suaoki Finger Pulse Oximeter Review: A Good Home Health Monitoring Device

The Suaoki finger pulse oximeter is a portable oximeter that’s perfect for keeping at home. It measures your Spo2 level and your pulse. Your sP02 level is a measurement of your blood oxygen levels and can tell you and help doctors learn a bit about your health situation.

Suaoki finger pulse oximeter review: Product features

  • ACCURATE MEASUREMENT: accurately measures your PR (pulse rate) and SpO2 (blood oxygen saturation levels) to exam your health condition in less than 10 seconds
  • CLEAR LED SCREEN: the big LED screen allows you to read the SpO2 value, pulse rate value and pulse bar simultaneously vertically with an additional power indication
  • EASY TO USE: simply insert your finger to the probe of this digital oximeter and press the button to start measuring, its smart self-adjusting spring system enables you to have a just right fit to your finger
  • AUTO SHUTDOWN SYSTEM: thanks to its intelligent mechanism, this portable oximeter can automatically turn off the display within 8 seconds while not in use
  • SUITABLE FOR CHILDREN & ADULTS: the wide range of finger sizes enable both children and adults to use, especially for sports enthusiasts and ones who are interested in their general health and wellness

Suaoki finger pulse oximeter review: Design

Suaoki Finger Pulse Oximeter Review

Chances are you’ve probably seen something similar to this in terms of looks at your doctor’s surgery. It’s a small pocket-size piece of equipment that is designed to gently clamp around the end of your finger. It has a small LCD display that shows your Spo2 level and pulse in bpm.

This one by Suaoki is colored white, while the screen is surrounded by a black border. Underneath the screen is the power button for turning the device on. The device automatically turns off, when it can’t detect a finger.

The clear display is fantastic, thanks to the large red text that shows you your levels. There is also some permanent white text for the name of the levels and the battery level box in place, which doesn’t do much, but at least spares some drain on the batteries. Talking of batteries, this is powered by two AAA batteries, which Suaoki has kindly provided in the box to get you started right away.

Suaoki Finger Pulse Oximeter Review

Suaoki finger pulse oximeter review: Results in use

I should first point out that while the Suaoki finger pulse oximeter is a medical device, its readings shouldn’t be put above the advice of a medical professional, so if you have any concerns after taking a reading at home, consult your doctor for more information.

Each time I have used the Suaoki finger pulse oximeter, my results have been mostly between 95 and 100 for my spo2 readings, which is, of course where you need to be for normal levels, however doctors like their patients to have a score of 90 or more, again if you have concerns please consult your doctors. I also did have quite a bit of fluctuation with that said and at one point I got 91, which was a bit worrying but seeing as just the other day my doctor did a test on my levels and they were fine, I would put this down to being a home use tool. There can be factors that limit the accuracy of devices such as this. For more information about factors that can affect a Spo2 reading, check out this link.

Suaoki Finger Pulse Oximeter Review

When reading my bpm the device gave me accurate readings with a resting pulse between 85 and 90 while sitting down. I haven’t yet done any tests while being active with it on as it would probably fall off my finger with all the movement.

Suaoki finger pulse oximeter review: Overall

It’s a solid little product that is well made and easy to use. Accuracy could be a bit better and for this reason, I wouldn’t 100% rely on this as the results at the doctors may be different. That said for the price it’s an ok little device to keep in your first aid cupboard at home just for monitoring purposes.