Sterline Sonic Pulse Rechargeable Toothbrush Review: A Good Toothbrush With Some Small Flaws


Welcome to my Sterline Sonic Pulse Rechargeable Toothbrush review. This is a rechargeable toothbrush set that comes with four brush heads and two interdental brush heads that are perfect for crowns and braces. It also comes with a charging dock that also has a cool UV sanitizer area for cleaning the brush heads.


The toothbrush follows the basic design that many electrical toothbrushes follow. It consists of a round tube handle and a detachable head area. The handle is made of a smooth plastic, which while it’s nice isn’t very practical as it makes gripping the toothbrush harder and presents more of a slipping out of the hand risk. The brush handle is quite slim and the overall weight of the brush it quite light. Between the handle and the head area is a LED ring that lights up blue  when the brush is in use or is fully charged if on the dock. The light will be red when the brush is on the dock and currently still charging.

Sterline Sonic Pulse Rechargeable Toothbrush Review

On the front of the brush handle are two buttons and three status LED’s that are used to tell you what mode the brush is in. The two buttons are a power button and a mode selection button. There are three modes which are as follows:

Normal mode- This mode keeps the brush going smoothly for 2 minutes with stops every 30 seconds to allow you to switch quadrants of your mouth. The timer is also present in the other two modes.

Soft mode- This mode is ideal for anyone who suffers from sensitive gums and teeth.

Pulse mode- This mode is used to gently stimulate the gums for optimal oral health.

The brush comes with four normal brush heads and two interdental brush heads. The four normal heads consist of two Slimsonic brush heads which are designed to be effective as possible during brushing and two professional brush heads which are designed to reach uneven surfaces of the teeth. The interdental heads are perfect for braces and crowns.

The dock that comes with this brush is not just a charging dock, it also acts as a chemical-free sanitizer for the brush heads thanks to U.V sanitizer area. The left side of the dock is the sanitizer area. There is a door that opens and closes and when opened it reveals four holding areas for the brushes as well as the U.V bulb. When plugged in the U.V sanitizer will automatically come on when the door is closed. The sanitizing process takes about seven minutes. While the sanitizing is in progress a blue light will shine from a small window on the door, once this goes off the process is complete. This is a brilliant feature as U.V technology is able to kill off up to 99.9% of bacteria.

The right-hand area of the dock is where the toothbrush sits during periods of no use and when it’s charging. It uses wireless charging technology which means that you can’t see any contacts points on either the brush of the dock, instead the charging components are within both the brush and the dock. A full charge takes 24 hours but the brush does last a long time between charges. I have only charged it once since getting it and it’s still going strong now.

Unfortunately, this dock and brush set can’t be placed in a bathroom as the dock comes with a three-pin plug. If you are aware of the law in the U.K you will know that three pin sockets can’t be installed in bathrooms, instead, the law requires a two pin socket in a bathroom. While it’s not a major issue and is certainly better for people who don’t have two pin sockets in their bathroom, it can be an annoyance walking back and forth with the brush if like me you do have those sockets in your bathroom.

The dock has two methods of placement. You can stand it on a unit using the rubber feet underneath it or you can hang it on a wall using the wall hanging holes on the back. At the top of the U.V section is a small square that is secured down with a screw. Undoing this screw allows you to pull out this small square and gain full access to the U.V bulb for replacement purposes.

Since the brush is waterproof you can rinse it off under water after each use to ensure it stays clean. Once you have rinsed the brush under water, remove the head and give it a shake to remove any excess water and then just place the handle in the dock while placing the head in the U.V section.

Sterline Sonic Pulse Rechargeable Toothbrush Review

In use:

The brush is really easy to use. Simply lift it from its dock and put your toothpaste on it as you would normally and then select a mode, which for me is always normal mode and then press the power button and the brush will start. It has a 30-second interval timer which stops the brush every 30 seconds to allow you to switch quadrants in your mouth. While I like this feature I do think about 2 seconds more is needed for each pause as it almost like it stops and instantly goes again, which gives you very little time to move quadrants. There’s also a 2 minute shut off timer that shuts the brush off completely after 2 minutes. This is because professionals say we only need to brush our teeth for 2 minutes a time.

Instead of a spinning motion where the head is round and the brush does circular motions on your teeth, this one uses a motion, which uses vibrations to make the head move up and down at speed. This means you are working from top to bottom on each of your teeth. I do personally prefer the spinning versions, but this version does do a great job and my teeth have come out of each use feeling and looking nice and clean.

The U.V cleaner is an amazing addition. U.V light can kill many different bacteria and since bacteria thrive on brush heads even after a rinse, this really is a great bonus. I can’t say if it has killed the bacteria as I can’t test this, however, I have no reason to think it wouldn’t work.


This is a great toothbrush. It has a few flaws but is otherwise really good. The U.V sanitizer is truly a brilliant thing to have with this as well as brush heads do harbor a lot of bacteria when left out.


I received this product at a discounted price in return fo my honest and unbiased review. This has had no effect on my overall opinion of the product.