SoundPEATS B20 Wood In Ear Earphones Review: Is The Wood Any Good?


Welcome to my review of the SoundPEATS B20 Wood In Ear Earphones review. As a music fan, I often use my mobile phone to listen to music when out and about. This makes earphones and essential for me and I look for two things when looking for earphones. Good sound quality and comfort. So are these any good?

Design and quality:

The immediate thing that sets these aside from other earphones is the material that the earpieces are made from. Instead of just metal, their external housings are made from a mixture of wood and metal, giving them a two effect finish, which looks really nice.

SoundPEATS B20 Wood In Ear Earphones Review

Instead of angled edges, the earpieces have a straight tip edge which means they sit straight on in the ears. While I do personally prefer angled tips, these do work really well for me. I haven’t yet had them fall out or had to reposition them in my ears.

The cable isn’t of the flat variety, which means these get easily tangled up in a bag or pocket. I have spent numerous times untangling them which is a tedious task. To make matters worse they don’t come with a case like some of the other earphones in this price bracket do.

Color wise the cable coating is see through, while a second layer of red and silver coating sits underneath it. This color scheme doesn’t go very well with the wooden and metal earpiece housings. In my opinion, a black cable would have been a better choice.

When it comes to the build quality, these are really quite good. The earpieces feel really well made and the cabling feels nice and tight. The one issue I have is that none flat cable earphones tend to only last less than a year as they tangle very easy. My guess is that these will go the same way.

SoundPEATS B20 Wood In Ear Earphones Review

Audio quality:

Admittedly the sound produced by these isn’t the best. The biggest issue with the sound is that it is quite tinny when it comes to vocals. The bass, however, is quite good, but to be honest, I love my music to be of a good quality and in all honesty, the tinny vocals do remind me of cheap discount shop earphones.


These earphones do have good points, but they also have bad points and I’m afraid the bad points make these something I just don’t want to use. I like the wooden earpieces as they look really nice, but the real downside to these is the poor audio quality, which has proven a disappointment.


I received this product for free in return for my honest and unbiased review. This has had no effect on my overall opinion of the product.

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