Simbr Neck And Shoulder Massager Review: It’s Like Heaven With This On


Welcome to my Simbr Neck and Shoulder Massager review. This is a portable device that you can either use in the comfort of your own home or when out and about in a car. It’s designed to massage the neck and shoulders, although it can be used on other body wares such as the back and the stomach.

Design and quality:

In terms of design both aesthetically and specification wise this quite similar to another one I reviewed a while back, but in some ways, this is better. For example, the model I reviewed before isn’t as powerful as this one as this one has two-speed selections whereas the other only has one.

Simbr Neck And Shoulder Massager

It looks very much like the headrest from a car seat, but that car seat is one from a luxury vehicle. That’s because it’s colored mainly with a cream like color, while the edges are coated with a medium brown color. At each side of headrest like area is an area that reaches over the shoulders down to hand level. At hand level, this area splits into a hole that you place each hand through. This does create some restriction, though, which means your hands aren’t free to do much. Just like the other model I reviewed, I do have to question if this is really something you should use in a car if driving. I can use it and still do some things with my hands, for example, I am currently typing this review with it on.

On the left-hand are section is a user control area that has four buttons which are a power button, a forward or reverse button, a speed switch button for switching between the two speeds and lastly a heating switch for turning the heat mode on or off. Around the back of this same section but this time down at the bottom is a short lead where you connect the power adapter.

Within the headrest like area are the eight kneading heads that turn both clockwise and counter-clockwise. These are covered by a soft mesh-like material that ensures the neck or other body area stays comfortable during use.

The build quality is really good. The product not only looks great but feels great as well. It’s well made and there’s nothing to suggest otherwise. It’s simply a very well made product.

Simbr Neck And Shoulder Massager

In use:

Just like the other model I reviewed this is nowhere near good as a proper therapist, but it’s still good enough and does a fantastic job of messaging, even as I type this, I feel as if I’m in heaven. The two-speed modes are fantastic and other me a choice of nice flowing pace or a fast pace. The heat mode also works wonders and comes in for cold days and days where I might need a bit of heat therapy to ease the pain.

I have had a few issues with the plug shortness though. I feel it could be longer as I have often moved just a bit and the plug pulls out which of course stops the massager in its tracks. This means I have to result to being very much in one area without moving too much.


Even though it does have a few small issues this neck massager is brilliant. It does a wonderful job of massaging and it’s very well made. I would definitely recommend this.


I received this product for free in return for my honest and unbiased review. This has had no effect on my overall opinion of the product.