Sharkk Basics RFID Protected Wallet Review: A Good Looking And Well Made Wallet

Quite recently wireless bank cards have gained in popularity and with that popularity comes an increase is thefts from bank accounts, this RFID Protected wallet is a device that can prevent this from happening. In case you’re not sure wireless cards are cards that allow you pay for an item or items up to the value of £30 (here in the U.K). The issue though is that they require no security verification such as a pin, which makes them extremely easy to steal money from. It’s a simple as someone standing behind you in the street or on public transport and using a device similar to wireless card machines in shops that take the money from your account. You won’t even know until you next check your bank and by that time the thief is long gone. Thankfully technology has come to its own rescue again as you can now by wallets like this one that can block the signal from the card.

The design of this RFID protected wallet

Not only is this wallet quite practical, it’s also quite nice to look thanks to the aluminum shell that wraps around the exterior of it. At the back is a cool window feature that opens to allow you to place an ID card such as a driving license for quick and easy access without having to open your wallet when ID is requested. The window clips shut and can be opened using the groove below it, there are brackets within the window, where you place your ID card so it sits nice and sturdy within the window.

Sharkk Basics RFID Protected Wallet Review

The wallet itself has a clip lock that is a bit tough to push down if I’m honest, but once pushed down the wallet opens quickly and easily. Once opened a plastic ridge is noticed and this ridge actually seals the RFID protected wallet to protect the contents from getting wet.

Once opened six card slots in an accordion-like style greet you. The slots are big enough for a few cards but according to the listing, this RFID protected wallet only supports up to seven cards and unfortunately there’s no support for cash at all.

The build quality is really quite good and I simply can’t fault anything apart from the slightly stiff catch mechanism, which does need a bit of force to open.

Sharkk Basics RFID Protected Wallet Review

Does it work?

Admittedly this is hard for me to say as I don’t have the tools required, but I haven’t yet had any strange transactions appearing on my card, so I could either be lucky and no one has attempted to rob me blind or the blocker has done its job.

Since I don’t have a lot of cards in my possession this RFID protected wallet is great for me as it has plenty of space. The only thing I don’t like is that it’s not designed for cash and therefore doesn’t hold cash quite well.

I am very impressed with the ID window though as it provides a clear window to my ID and makes showing it so much quicker and so much easier.


I am quite happy with this RFID protected wallet by Sharkk. It’s well made and looks the part. It has some great features, in particular, the ID window. I do wish it was designed to hold cash though and also have found it hard to comment on if it works or not as I don’t have the tools to check.


Sharkk kindly sent me a review sample of this wallet in return for my honest and unbiased review. This has had no effect on my overall opinion of the product.

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