SADES SA-917 Gaming Headset Review: A Stunning Headset With Some Issues


Welcome to my SADES SA-917 Gaming Headset review. This is a wallet-friendly gaming headset that boasts a cool design and in-line control box, which makes it a good companion for gaming.


I like the design of this headset, but at the same time, I also dislike it. What I like about it is the color scheme which consists mostly of a winter camouflage color with a few area colored with a lovely bright orange. What I don’t like is the build quality. These are very plastic, which makes them feel slightly cheap, but also makes me question how long they will last. In the Amazon stock photos there’s a photo of this headset being bent into a straight shape, this I feel is very misleading, I actually tried to see if it was easy to do this, but I only got midway before I could feel the pressure building up in the center of the headband, if I had  gone any further there’s no doubt in my mind these would have snapped in half.

SADES SA-917 Gaming Headset Review

The microphone is built into the left earcup and is, unfortunately, a rigid microphone which means it can only move up and down, without the ability to be moved towards or away from the mouth. This means people like me who are normally quiet talkers will have to speak up a bit more.

There are LED lights in this headset but there are only two of them, with one being on each earcup and forming the shape of the Sades logo.

SADES SA-917 Gaming Headset Review

The cable has a total length of 1.5m which will be okay for most, but for me it’s not as my PC is under my desk, meaning the cable does end up having no slack at all and pulling slightly down on my head, luckily I dug out an extension cable which fixed this issue for me. Slightly down the cable is a control box that has an equalizer button, microphone button and a volume dial. Unfortunately, this is quite low down the cable, which means accessing it at crucial times could be a pain. The cable connects to a device via a USB port, so, unfortunately, these are no good for devices such as mobile phones or mp3 players.

In terms of comfort, this headset is actually one of the best I have worn. The earcups have a thick PU leather padding, while the headband uses a slighter tougher but still very comfortable padding. I have worn these for a few hours at a time and not once experienced any discomfort.

Audio and microphone quality:

The audio quality of these has actually far surpassed my expectations. I was expecting ok audio but this audio is far better than ok, it’s fantastic. It’s clear and crisp, so clear I have been able to hear people sneaking up behind me on games and even identify where someone may be hiding. In terms of music, the audio quality remains fantastic. Every beat and note are presented with clarity while the bass is really good.

SADES SA-917 Gaming Headset Review

The microphone works as well I expected, although I do have to raise my voice a bit thanks to the fact it can’t be moved towards or away from the mouth. People are able to hear my voice with no issues.


This is a pretty cool looking headset with fantastic sound and microphone quality. The plastic build does give it a slightly cheap feel and the photo that shows it bending is definitely not true.


I received this product at a discounted price in return for my honest and unbiased review. This has had no effect on my overall opinion of the product.

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