Radha Beauty 120ml Essential Oil Diffuser Review: Help Make Your Rooms Smell Nice Without The Need For Harsh Chemicals


Welcome to my Radha Beauty 120ml Essential Oil Diffuser review. As a reviewer, I have come across loads of essential oil diffusers. They come in many different shapes and sizes and some have different features to other. The one I am reviewing today comes from Radha beauty and uses a 120ml reservoir.

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With only 120ml of water capacity, this is amongst some of the smaller diffusers available on the market. This means that with continuous use this gets about 4 hours before needing to be re-filled. This size is idealistic for a small office, gym or a dining room, although admittedly I have this set up in my front room.

As is fairly standard with most diffusers this one has an LED light system that has seven different colors. You can have this setup to cycle through all seven colors or to simply stay as a color you choose. I have always preferred color cycle mode as it helps to create a lovely atmosphere.

Operating this is rather simple as it only has two buttons. One is a mist button and one is a light button. By pressing the light button you can choose between the different colors or set the light to cycle mode. Pressing the mist button for a few seconds set the mist to 30 seconds intervals, holding it down for a bit more time sets the mist to continuous use.

In use:

Using this is fairly straight forward. Simply remove the top half and using the measuring jug measure out 120ml of water. Now pour this into the reservoir before adding a few drops of your favourite essential oil/oils. Now replace the lid and plug the diffuser in. Once this is done select your mist and lighting modes.

The mist output produced by this is good enough to fill a small room, my front rooms not that small but this mist still gets to most areas with no hassle. The odor created does obviously depend on what essential oil you are using, currently I am using Olbas oil as my young lad has a terrible cold and every time in the past this has worked wonders in an radha beauty diffuser as a way to unblock his stuffed little nose.

The colors produced by the LED system are nice and bright and even come in handy as a night-light. With the combination of smell and lighting, this really does create a lovely atmosphere that feels both welcoming and calm.


This certainly is a decent little diffuser that looks ok and works really well. It’s very simple to use and creates a lovely atmosphere.


I received this product for free in return for my honest and unbiased review. This has had no effect on my overall opinion of the product.

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