Peture Perfect Box

Founded by Claire, the owner of A few home truths that specializes in personalized gifts, the Peture Perfect box is a subscription box service that any pet lover would love.

Each month, subscribers to this box service will receive a box in the mail that contains something like either a mug, notebook or coaster just to name a few, with their furry friend’s picture on it. Depending on the subscription you choose, this will either be a photo you send or a hand-drawn illustration based off the photo you sent in. To keep things fresh, you are able to update the picture used every 3 months.

Peture Perfect Box: Subscriptions

There are three different subscriptions choices to choose from within the Peture Perfect Box service. Each subscription option ships worldwide and has a box that has been carefully curated by animal lovers for animal lovers.

Peture Perfect Box

Peture Perfect Box: PAWsome Pet Photo Subscription Box £13.99

This is the cheapest option out of the three subscriptions you can choose from. This one uses the regular photo you send in of your pet with no option of hand illustration. It’s great if you have a favorite photo you want to use as it is.

At 13.99 per month, it offers you great value for money as you will receive one main gift with your pet’s photo on it, a pet milestone card and a recipe card to make tasty treats for your furry friend.

Peture Perfect Box: Peture Perfect Cat Illustration Subscription Box £19.99

A brilliant choice for cat owners. This box offers you a main gift, with a lovingly computer hand illustrated picture of your cat taking center stage as well as a milestone card and tasty cat treat recipe card.

Peture Perfect Box

Peture Perfect Box: Peture Perfect Dog Illustration Subscription Box £19.99

A fantastic way to show your dog the love he or she deserves. This box, just like the cat version offers subscribers a main gift featuring a computer hand illustrated picture of their loyal companion along with a milestone card and a tasty recipe card.

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