TeckNet 3.5mm Stereo Surround Sound Gaming Headset Review


Welcome to my Tecknet 3.5mm Stereo Surround Sound Gaming Headset review. This gaming headset by Tecknet is an affordable option in the world of PC gaming accessories. Since this is a budget headset it does have a few drawbacks which you’ll find out about in this review.

Gaming Headset,DLAND 3.5mm Wired Bass Stereo Noise Isolation Gaming Headphones with Mic for Laptop Computer, Cellphone, PS4 and so on- Volume Control (Black and Blue)
  • 3 pin 3.5mm double plug, applied on the laptop, destop. With an addtional 2 in 1 3.5mm jack cable, support to notebook and mobile phone.
  • Use 3.8mm overstriking litz wire, super strong, prevent cable from being broken.
  • High sensitivity Omnidirectional condenser microphone,collect your sound efficiently.
  • Drive-by-wire design, adjust voice with the button on the cable.Can not answering phone call with the cable button.
  • Soft PU leather cushion with leatherette memory foam ear cups, comfortable to wear.

Design and comfort:

Given the low price of these I wasn’t expecting much in terms of design, however, they do look pretty good. The material used however does serve as a reminder of just how cheap these are. They are constructed with mostly plastic, which if done properly can be good, but on this headset, it doesn’t feel right at all. The plastic is so cheap that you can bend the headband really easily to a point where it feels like it’s going to snap. On the bright side, the headset does have Blue LED lights.

Then there’s the cable, while not a huge issue, it’s still disappointing to see that rubber cable tubing has been used instead of nylon braided fabric, which I have seen on many headsets of this price plenty of times before. Nylon braided fabric tends to be stronger and therefore more durable than rubber coating. Slightly down the cable and just below the left earcup is a control box that allows you to turn the microphone on or off and adjust the volume accordingly. The cable has a standard 3.5mm audio connector, however, to use the microphone as well you will need to use the included adapter which allows you to connect to both the audio jack and microphone jack on your PC’s soundcard.

TeckNet 3.5 mm Surround

The built-in microphone sits on the front of the left earcup and can only be moved up and down, so, unfortunately, there’s not really anything you can do to move it closer to your mouth.

When it comes to comfort, these aren’t the best, but their not the worst either. Each earcup has a thick faux leather padding around it that has so far provided a very comfortable experience for my ears. The headband also has an area of padding on it, which again is covered with a layer of faux leather. The headband is ok but I do sometimes experience discomfort from it. Of course, like most headsets, this one can be adjusted to fit many sizes of head from small to big.

TeckNet 3.5 mm Surround

Audio and microphone quality:

The audio that this headset produces is actually quite good. It’s clear and crisp and offers a decent amount of bass for personal listening. I tried this headset with many different genres of music and it handled each one quite well. In use on game chat clients, the audio I picked up from other players was good as well. There’s nothing like clearly hearing some little punk tell the whole world how he has had their mom or how everyone’s a ‘noob’. Seriously though for both music and audio chat this headset is pretty good considering it’s price.

TeckNet 3.5 mm Surround

The microphone is ok but I feel like it’s another letdown. While it picks up my voice clearly, I do miss being able to move the microphone closer to my mouth so I don’t have to raise my voice in order to be heard all of the time.


This gaming headset by Tecknet is good when it comes to audio in both games and media. It does have some issues which are expected for the price. The biggest issue for me though is the cheap build quality in regards to the plastic, which I know is caused by price restraints, but I have had better gaming headsets in this price bracket.


I received this product for free in return for my honest and unbiased review. This has had no effect on my overall opinion of the product.

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