STM Dapper Wrapper Review

When going away with technology in tow, cables can often become a nightmare, taking up space and easily tangling up while in your bag. The STM Dapper Wrapper is a neat portable storage solution for your cables and small gizmos. Simply place your cables and gizmos in there, then place the Dapper Wrapper in your bag.

STM Dapper Wrapper Review: Design

Available in a choice of three colors including, Granite black, Windsor wine and Slate blue, it’s easy to find a Dapper Wrapper suited to your sense of style. There may be a few more colors in the future, but I’m just guessing at this moment.

The Dapper Wrapper is a roll-out storage solution, meaning it opens up by being rolled out side to side. When opened it has dimensions of 5.7” X 10.2″ X 0.4″, which makes it wide enough to store a few bits and bobs. When closed it looks similar in design to a pencil case, albeit a bit bigger.

To ensure your cables and little gizmos remain as dry as possible, the Dapper Wrapper features a water and dirt repellent C6DWR coated polyester fabric, which feels quite nice in the hand.

Inside are several pockets including one large zipped pocket as well as several elastic lipped pockets of varying sizes. The pockets can hold things such as cables, mini hubs, wall plugs and even toiletries.

When closed and rolled up, the Dapper Wrapper makes use of a belt strap to keep your belongings inside. This strap uses a magnet system to remain securely shut. It’s really easy to open and re-secure when closing it.

STM Dapper Wrapper

STM Dapper Wrapper Review: In use

With a holiday coming up soon, I am really looking forward to using this for easy cable storage, I haven’t used it much at this moment, only 2 times for the sake of this review, but I am  happy to say it holds all my essential cables quite well, which include USB cables and earphones amongst other things. It also fits nicely in my backpack and is easy to pull out when I require it.

STM Dapper Wrapper Review: In conclusion

The STM Dapper Wrapper is a rather simple, yet very useful bit of kit. There’s not really anything to complain about. It’s well made and does the job it advertises. It can be purchased from Amazon UK for £24.95.