Sandberg Streamer USB Microphone Kit Review

The Sandberg Streamer USB Microphone Kit is one of Sandberg’s latest entries in its dedicated gaming EsportsEquipment range. This microphone is their second microphone entry, but unlike the first which was just the microphone, this is a complete set that includes, the microphone, bracket for holding the microphone, pop filter, wind cover and an adjustable desktop arm.

”The complete microphone set for streaming or producing videos with optimum sound quality. Easy to connect to a PC using a USB port for immediate use. Pack includes: – Elegant metal microphone – Pop filter to reduce external noise in the microphone – Wind cover to cut out breathing and wind noise – Adjustable desktop arm. Easy to mount and adjust for best placing – Shock mount to eliminate vibration noise in the microphone”

-Official product page description

  • Type: Back Electret Condenser
  • Directivity: Uni directional
  • Frequency response: 30 – 16,000 Hz
  • Sensitivity: -27 +/-3dB
  • S/N ratio: 70 dB,
  • Max Sound Pressure Level: 120 dB
  • Sampling Rate: 96kHz / 24bit
  • Voltage: Powered from USB, DC 5.0V
  • Material of main body: Rugged Zinc, Alu + ABS plastic
  • USB-port in mic: USB 2.0 type B

When it comes to design, Sandberg has decided to keep this setup rather basic, making it a great choice for streamers who just want to get on with things. The microphone features no buttons or knobs but has a rather sturdy metal body that screams premium.

The included desktop arm is also rather solid with a metal body. It features three points of adjustment, one at the bottom for turning the stand left or right, one in the middle for lowering or raising the arm and one at the top for adjusting the position of the microphone itself. It’s very easy to install to a desk as well as it uses a simple clamp system that requires no tools at all, other than your hands. The clamp works really well and I haven’t had to tighten it or readjust its position since I initially installed it.

A separate part for the arm is also included. This is the bracket that attaches the microphone to the arm and much like the arm it is very well made. It also features its own point of adjustment that allows you to further adjust the microphone’s height positioning.

The easy to fold adjustable arm makes it possible for me to hide the microphone away when not in use. A handy feature as it’s not always in use and when it is, it can make the desk look a bit cluttered.

Unfortunately, one thing this kit lacks is a standard desktop stand, meaning you can only use it attached to the arm. A stand would have been a nice inclusion particularly if you stream between different devices.

The pop filter and wind cover are both optional and therefore not required if you wish not to use them. That said they do have their uses and depending on your circumstances they may be required for optimal results. The pop filter installs onto the adjustable arm and is rather easy to install and remove.

A rather generously sized 2.5m USB cable is included, which gives the setup plenty of movement room for adjustments galore. The length of the cable also means there’s enough of it to wrap around the arm for a neater looking setup.

With simplicity in mind, the Sandberg Streamer USB Microphone Kit is Plug and Play, which means you simply plug it into your computer’s USB port and its ready to go with no installation or tinkering of any kind.

When it comes to its job of picking up voices, the microphone works extremely well. I currently have it set up to come from behind and above my monitor, where it easily picks up my voice and records it with such clarity. The end results are always really good and I’ve even been using it for the odd Skype Call here and there.