Sandberg Firestorm Mechanical Keyboard Review

A few years ago Sandberg unveiled the Esports Equipment range, its PC gaming dedicated product lineup that to this day consists of PC accessories from keyboards, to mice and even furniture amongst other things. 2019 saw them release some more products into this exciting range, one of them being their second mechanical keyboard, the Firestorm, which I am reviewing right now. Check out the official Sandberg product description below.

“The Sandberg FireStorm Mechanical Keyboard is the ultimate keyboard for the serious gamer! The keyboard is built on a heavy metal plate, and offers 104 mechanical keys, ensuring complete precision and extreme durability! Each key has complete RGB backlighting. Included in the package is user-friendly software for the programming of lights etc.”

Sandberg Firestorm Mechanical Keyboard Review: Design and Comfort

In the past, Sandberg’s keyboards have always had a design that was quite abstract, making them look futuristic. With the Firestorm though, Sandberg has opted to use a simple yet effective design, that makes use of a small body with plenty of room for 104 keys including the number pad. Each key has its own RGB LED light set underneath to help bring some personalization to your keyboard. There are also arrays of LED’s running down both the right and left side edges of the keyboard.

The top plate of the Firestorm is metallic, while the frame it sits on is made of plastic. This gives the keyboard a very sturdy feeling, with no areas of weakness showing at all during use.

Sandberg Firestorm Mechanical

Whilst Cherry switches, seem to be the go-to switches for most gaming keyboard manufacturers, Sandberg has opted to go for the lesser known Outemu Blue switches, which from my experience offer smooth tactile feedback across a range of different uses. The fact these are from a relatively unknown brand does raise the question of how well they’ll cope with day-to-day to use. Depending on your taste, you may or may not like the loud click the switches give during each use, I personally do like the clicks.

Sandberg has also equipped the Firestorm with a removable palm rest. This rest is made from plastic but features a soft rubber coating to ensure it’s comfortable during use. Rather interestingly, there are two ways, this rest can be removed. You can either fold it in under the keyboard, where it sits without raising the keyboard too much, or you can undo four screws from the bottom to remove the palm rest and its hinges.

Raiser legs are used to lift the keyboard up to a comfortable angle for typing and gaming. The legs themselves simply fold into the base of the keyboard when you don’t require them.

Sandberg Firestorm Mechanical Keyboard Review: In Action

Whilst I use my computer more as a typing device these days, I do often find myself playing the odd games here and there with it, so the Firestorm’s gaming keyboard status comes in quite handy for me. While it doesn’t offer all the bells and whistles of a more expensive mechanical keyboard, it does offer great responsiveness in games, which can make all the difference when playing online.

When it comes to tasks which require typing, such as writing this review or browsing the net, the Firestorm offers an enjoyable experience with no downsides. The keys are well spaced and react properly with no sticking or jumping during use.

Fans of media will be happy to know that whilst the Firestorm doesn’t have dedicated media keys, it does feature media commands built-into the F keys. While not quite the same as dedicated keys and requiring a bit more effort, these are still nice to have on board.

Sandberg Firestorm Mechanical

Optional software is available and I would recommend installing it as it contains various settings including color customization for the LED lights. You can find it available to download here.

Sandberg Firestorm Mechanical Keyboard Review: Conclusion

With an S.R.P of £72.99, the Firestorm is a worthy choice for anyone looking for a decent mechanical gaming keyboard on a budget. While it lacks the bells and whistle of the more expensive keyboards out there, it does offer comfort and decent performance over a wide range of uses from typing to gaming. This is another shining example of Sandberg’s knowledge within the vast world of computers and I.T.

As is usual with Sandberg’s keyboards it’s available as a UK version, Nordic version and a Deutschland version.

For more information about the Sandberg Firestorm Mechanical Keyboard, check out the official product page here.


  • Well priced
  • Simple yet effective design
  • Customizable LED lighting system


  • Lesser known switch brand
  • No dedicated media keys