Sandberg EsportsEquipment Warrior Gaming Chair Review: Comfort At A Maximum Level For Gaming

Welcome to my Sandberg EsportsEquipment Warrior Gaming Chair review. The warrior is one of two gaming chairs recently released under the recently released itself EsportsEquipment line from Sandberg. The other chair is known as the Commander. Sandberg has generously sent me a unit to review.

Setup and design:

As is the case with many PC chairs this comes flat packed so it does require assembly when it arrives. The chair comes in the following pieces:

  • Backrest
  • Seat area
  • Left arm
  • Right arm
  • 5 x wheels
  • Leg base
  • Gas lift pole
  • Solid chair base
  • 4 small Allen bolts
  • 8 large Allen bolts
  • 8 bolt cover for the arms
  • Also included is an Allen key

The instructions included use pictures to explain how to put the chair together. The pictures are quite clear and very precise. There were so awkward parts of installation that were slightly frustrating, for example, lining up the holes on the arms with the holes in the chair, this became a slightly frustrating job when it came to connecting the backrest, but this is the case for most PC chairs and hasn’t had any effect on my opinion of this chair. I would recommend not fully tightening the bolts until the whole chair is together securely but loosely, this just means you get an easier shot to line things up without having to go back and loosen bolts later.

Devoko Ergonomic Gaming Chair

Once assembled this chair just looks so inviting. The way the red and black colouring blends into together just creates a gorgeous colour scheme that looks completely awesome. Even the stitching which is red looks incredible. The inside of the chair (where you sit) has red PU leather running up the sides and black fabric positioned perfectly in the middle.

Then there’re the arms, these are constructed from a high-quality metal and finished in black. On the top, they have a thick black padding made with the same PU leather found all over the chair and again complete with the red stitching I mentioned earlier. The arms may, however, be a slight issue if your desk is low, it’s not a major issue it just means you won’t be able to push the chair under when not in use.

The most gorgeous thing about this gorgeous chair is the racing seat design. This design consists of not only a chair that would look perfect in a racing car but also characteristics that make it incredibly comfortable. For example, the backrest of the chair has all the right grooves and curves to ensure your back remains fully comfortable at all times. The backrest is so good, it literally feels like my back just automatically moulds into it. I must admit this the most comfortable pc chair I have ever sat on.

A PC chair styled after a racing car chair just wouldn’t look right without the harness holes. Luckily this has them. There are two in the top of the backrest and I’m not quite sure but I also think there is one in each of the arms as the arms have a bar that turns on gap into two, so I assume this is meant to emulate the area where the waste part of the strap would be. The two in the backrest are constructed from plastic and actually look really nice, but then again this whole chair looks nice.

Devoko Ergonomic Gaming Chair

Something that really completes the look though and really is quite the nice is the position of the Sandberg EsportsEquipment branding. The branding is seen twice on this chair, both areas are actually on the neck rest (or if you’re smaller than me, head rest) area of the chair, one is on the inside of the chair on the soft material and the other is in the exact same place but on the opposite side of the chair.

As with most PC chairs, this uses a gas lift which enables you to set the height as you wish. To raise the chair you simply lift your bottom up and push the lever up to lower it simply keep your bottom on the chair and push the lever up. Oh and yes, it does spin around like other chairs in case you want to get dizzy.

Devoko Ergonomic Gaming Chair

In use:

Well, I think I have covered a lot in the first section about this chair in use but I’ll just go over a few things again. This chair is incredibly comfortable, it’s so comfortable in fact I just hate having to get up out of it, I swear if I could I’d sleep on this thing. The arm rests are really comfortable too and I must admit the design of them is really eye catching.

The gas lift works exceptionally well and the chair can be set at various different heights, which means finding the perfect position to ensure your eyes are central with the monitor is as easy as it can be.

Now while this is a ‘gaming chair’ that doesn’t mean it’s limited to gaming. It’s perfect for anything in a gaming room or office in my opinion. However as a ‘gaming chair,’ it’s perfect for those long gaming sessions where you just want to be comfortable as you sit eliminating enemies or saving the world from giant monsters.


Simply put this is one hell of an amazing chair, not just for gaming, but for anything in front or a PC or desk. It looks nice, it feels amazing and seriously my arms, my back and my butt love this thing. This is yet another perfect example of how things should be done. Sandberg has a real winner here. Yet another brilliant entry into their recently launched EsportsEquipment line of products. Gorgeous and flawless at the same time !!

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