IeGeek Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review: A Gaming Keyboard For Those On A Budget

The ieGeek mechanical gaming keyboard is a wallet friendly keyboard with a price tag less than £50. It features RGB LED lighting and Blue mechanical switches. It also comes with a detachable wrist rest.

ieGeek Mechanical Gaming Keyboard: Features

▲ ANTI-GHOSTING 104 KEYS/N-KEY ROLLOVER: ieGeek mechanical gaming keyboard supports N-key Rollover, allows multiple keys to work simultaneously. Let you enjoy high-grade games with fast response. Support computer system including Win10/ Win8/ Win7/ Vista/ XP/ 2000, OSX 10.2 or above. Plug & Play, auto setup. (US layout, NOT UK layout)

▲ BLUE SWITCHES WITH CLICKY SOUND: Solidly-built keyboard with an excellent tactile feel, sensitive and responsive for ultimate gaming performance. perfect for professional gamers and typists. 50 million times keystroke test, 25cN initial force and 2.2mm stroke travel, never faded key characters, perfect for professional gamers and typists.

▲ 12 MULTIMEDIA KEYS & 8 GAME MODES: Easy-access 12 multimedia keys conveniently enable you to freely control music, video, e-mail, browser and calculator all media playback. Built-in lighting arrangements for multiple game modes, including FPS/ CF/ COD/ RTS/ LOL/ NBA/ CAR game modes.

▲ MULTI-COLOR ADJUSTABLE LED BACKLIGHT: 8 backlight effects in multiple colors are realized by pressing FN key and SL key. Easy type in the dark. Fully removable caps, The included key cap puller makes cleaning or replacing key caps easier.

▲ ERGONOMIC DESIGN WITH DETACHABLE WRIST STAND: Ladder design and palm rest provided, the blue switched keyboard can effectively prevent fatigue. Double-shot injection molded keycaps for crystal clear backlighting.

ieGeek Mechanical Gaming Keyboard: Design

If you’re after a decent looking keyboard, then the ieGeek mechanical gaming keyboard has you covered. It looks sleek, thanks to the black aluminium back plate that sits beneath all 104 keys. At the top is the word ‘Gaming’, its colored silver and is engraved into the keyboard. While the term ‘gaming’ is generic, it does still look nice as it has a decent future like font to it. While for the most part, the keyboard looks nice, I do feel the lock status lights are a bit ugly. That’s because they sit on a protruding rectangular box, instead of just being on the same level as everything else.

The underside of the keyboard is made from plastic, yet this doesn’t take away from the solid build quality of the keyboard. At the back are two legs for raising the keyboard up, while at the front are two slots, these are where the removable wrist rest slot into.

Having a removable wrist rest is a nice feature as it means I can choose to use it when I want and not be forced to use it all the time. It’s also handy because If I don’t like it, I could remove it and place my desk wrist rest in place without losing any desk real estate.

LED lighting is also present on the ieGeek mechanical gaming keyboard and there are eight different options for you to choose from. There’s no way to change the colors of the light but you can use any of the eight options. You also don’t have to worry about setting your preferred lighting mode up each time you turn the keyboard on as the keyboard remembers the last previous setting before the PC was turned off. The following statement from the Amazon product page shows just how easy it is to set the lights up.

There are 8 light effect modes for your option. You can’t change the colors of the key lights, but you can change the patterns of backlight, speed, and brightness.
1: FN + SL: Switch backlight modes (8 modes supported).
2. FN + ↑ / ↓: Adjust brightness (3 brightness level)
3. FN + ← / →: Adjust speed of backlight modes (5 levels speed supported)

The USB cable is braided for extra strength and even good looks. It’s a long enough cable that manages to reach from the top of my desk to the back of my PC with no issues at all. I even have slack left over for free movement.

Unfortunately, this keyboard isn’t available with a UK layout. It’s only available with an US layout, which is a bit of a downside. This means there’s no £ symbol and the @ and ” have swapped places. The keyboard will still work with a UK computer though.

ieGeek Mechanical Gaming Keyboard: In use

I don’t have anything harsh to say about this keyboard in use. It’s fantastic for both gaming and general PC use. I have used it to play games such as COD and GTA on the PC and have been having a wonderful experience with it. The keys are responsive, while the input is lag free. I also love the click provided by the keys for each click, it’s kind of clunky but I like that.

The same applies for general use. I am currently typing this review on this keyboard and I love it. Everything just works as it should with no issues to report at all.


The ieGeek mechanical gaming keyboard is a fantastic choice for games on a budget. It works well, looks good and has a solid feel to it. The LED system is decent and the detachable wrist rest is a lovely bonus.