HEX Supply Convertible Backpack Review

The HEX Supply Convertible backpack is a stylish backpack designed to make your work life that much easier. It features amongst other things a padded laptop compartment for laptops up to 15 inches in size, a tablet compartment and a wax canvass exterior that has been treated to enable a level of water resistance.

From the outside, the HEX Supply Convertible backpack has a very casual styling that gives it a business-like approach. It’s finished with a charcoal color scheme paired with a wax canvass material complete with water-resistant treatment. This choice of color scheme and material really make it look like something you would carry to work on a daily basis.

HEX Supply Convertible Backpack

Just like other laptop backpacks, I have reviewed, the HEX Supply Convertible backpack doesn’t make its contents known from the outside, even with its casual business styling. This means it’s not going to be something an opportunist thief sees and immediately gathers that it could be carrying an expensive laptop/tablet or even both. This keeps both you and your belongings safe.

When it comes to storage on the exterior of the backpack, there are four compartments each for their own purposes. There are two button secured side compartments (one on each side) which are perfect for small bits and bobs. There a large pocket on the rear complete with hook and loop fastening. This large pocket can be used to hide the shoulder straps away when using the bag as a tote bag and for carrying paperwork.

The last exterior pocket is a padded tablet compartment, which I’m not a fan of, for the simple reason of its location. While it provides a decent level of padding, I just don’t feel the exterior of any backpack is a good place for a dedicated tablet pocket. This is because the location is prone to bumps and scrapes, which are likely to occur on any busy commute, especially within a large city. A much better location would have been somewhere within the main interior compartment, which much further back than the exterior and therefore 100% less likely to be forced into a holding pole while getting off a jam-packed bus.

It’s clear to see the interior of the HEX Supply Convertible backpack has had plenty of thought invested into it. There’s something for everything you would require on a typical work day such as space for your belongings and lunch, a dedicated space for stationary and of course a large padded pocket for laptops up to 15 inches in size.

HEX Supply Convertible Backpack

Two zips secure the interior pocket shut, whilst helping to keep the rain out. The laptop compartment has a hook and loop fastening strap to keep the laptop secured into the pocket by ensuring it can’t bounce up and down while in transit.

The HEX Supply Convertible backpack is aptly named as it converts from a backpack to a tote bag. The conversion process is rather simple and not very time consuming at all. The shoulder straps clip onto hoops on the bottom of the bag, so to convert it, you simply unclip them from the hoops and tuck them into the pocket on the back facing side. Then the two handles on the top of the bag become your tote bag handles.

HEX Supply Convertible Backpack

As you’d expect, the shoulder straps are adjustable for many sizes of user. They adjust using a pull and plastic buckle system. Despite appearing thin, the shoulder straps have actually proven to be quite comfortable each time I have used the backpack while out and about.

In conclusion, the HEX Supply Convertible backpack is a stylish backpack that’s perfect for what the average workday throws at it. It offers plenty of space and even includes dedicated laptop and tablet pockets.

HEX Convertible Backpack (Supply Charcoal - HX2032-CHCV)
  • Fits up to 17" MacBook Pro
  • Easy access exterior iPad pocket
  • Improves protection
  • Organizer
  • Waxed coating


  • Stylish design
  • Discreet about its contents
  • Plenty of space
  • Dedicated spaces for stationary, a laptop and a tablet


  • Tablet pocket on the exterior

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