Fifine K1 Professional Condenser Sound Microphone For Pc Review

Today I am reviewing a PC condenser microphone from Fifine, a company that produces and sells different types of microphones. The one I am reviewing today is a dedicated PC microphone known as the K1.


Despite not being advertised as such this microphone actually has a design and colour scheme that gives off a gaming vibe, however, it’s a multimedia microphone which means it has multiple PC uses. It has a red and black colour scheme and has a design that sort of gives off a Sci-Fi vibe, hence why I feel it looks very much like a gaming microphone. The microphone itself sits on a base using a pivot design that allows it to be moved back and forth, unfortunately, it can’t be moved left or right. This is something I personally would change about this microphone if I could.

This microphone only has one switch on it and that’s the power switch that is located on the neck of the microphone itself. Since there’s no volume rocker present, the volume does have to be controlled from your O.S instead.

The housing is constructed from plastic, but in all honesty, it still feels like a very high-quality build as the plastic doesn’t feel cheap and tacky at all.

The cable that runs from the microphone to the microphone jack on the PC is long to reach the rear of my PC with no issues at all. There’s enough cable left over for me to be able to move the microphone closer if need be.

Fifine K1 Professional Condenser Sound

In use:

I have windows 10 so initially, I had some problems where the sound was too low and the microphone wasn’t picking up my voice as loud as it should be. After a lot of hunting online for a solution, I finally found one and finally managed tog et the microphone to pick up my voice a lot louder than it was. Once the issue was fixed I was immediately impressed with just how well this microphone worked. I have used it for a variety of different things now such as Skype, recording audio and playing games online. In each of these different scenarios the microphone performed great although the one thing that does let me down is a lack of built-in microphone volume button on the microphone itself. This means more faffing about when using the microphone if you find yourself needing to adjust the volume.


Overall this is a brilliant microphone that looks good and works well, although I did have to do a lot of messing about with my O.S to get it working properly. The one thing I don’t like is a lack of volume control built into the microphone itself, this meant I had to break away from things I was doing if I needed to adjust the volume at all.

DISCLAIMER: I received this product at a discounted price in return for my honest and unbiased review. This has had no effect on my overall opinion of the product.