ESYNiC 2.4G Wireless Ergonomic Design Vertical Mouse Review


Welcome to my ESYNiC 2.4G Wireless Ergonomic Design Vertical Mouse review. With a vertical body this mouse has been designed with comfort in mind, but just how good is it ?

3M Wireless Ergonomic Optical Mouse, Patented Vertical Grip Design Keeps Your Hand and Wrist at a Neutral Angle for Comfort, USB Plug and Play, Soft-Touch Surface, Small Size, Black (EM550GPS)
  • Vertical grip keeps your hand and wrist at a neutral angle, while the mouse works as a regular optical mouse
  • Optical sensor, wireless, USB compatible plug and play
  • Soft-touch painted surface for added comfort
  • For right-handed use only
  • 2 year warranty

Design and quality:

I have used a similar mouse to this before, so I had no issues adjusting to the shape and style of this mouse. While I like the style I do have to admit I’m not overall pleased with the design of this mouse. I’ll go into why shortly.

The mouse isn’t as big as the previous one I have used, which kind of takes away from the ergonomic quality of the mouse. I find the rear of my palm drags along the mousepad, whereas with my last vertical mouse this wasn’t an issue. The clicker and scroll wheel also seem very oddly placed, instead of being towards the top, they are more towards the bottom of the mouse, which means my hands have to be more down towards the bottom of the mouse, which causes a few irritation issues for me.

I do like that the mouse has a built-in rechargeable battery that does last me quite a while between charges, however, the provided charging cable doesn’t seem to sit very well in the port, which means a slight sudden movement causes it to slip out slightly which then stops the mouse charging. This makes using the mouse while charging an issue of great annoyance. I have looked down the charging hole with a torch and this looks to be a design issue, not a typical fault.

The mouse is made of plastic but does feel very sturdy, with the exception of the dodgy charging cable port. All of the buttons respond quite well and the mouse smoothly glides along my mouse mat and smooth wooden desktop.


In use:

All the typical functions of the mouse work quite well. The buttons are responsive and they work just as the should. The DPI of this mouse is fixed to 1200, which makes the pointer speed fast enough but not too fast, so the end result is a nice steady pointer moving across the screen.

Despite working well, I do not enjoy using this mouse one bit, thanks to the small form factor that creates a very uncomfortable usage experience. I have tried to get used to this mouse, but this has been to no avail.


This mouse is just not as good as I was expecting. The small form factor makes it very uncomfortable to use. The buttons work well and the built-in battery is good. This may be good for anybody with small hands but I personally can’t recommend it.


I received this product for free in return for my honest and unbiased review. This has had no effect on my overall opinion of the product.

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