ECHTPower K8 4800DPI Gaming Mouse Review: A Budget Gaming Mouse With Some Great Features


Welcome to my ECHTPower K8 4800DPI Gaming Mouse review. This is an affordable budget friendly entry into the world of gaming mice. It featured LED lights and a weight system that consists of three removable circular shaped iron weights.

Design and ergonomics:

ECHTPower K8

The design of the mouse is very good and I think it’s one of the best-looking budget mice I have ever come across, although there is one part of the design I really ain’t a fan off. Running down the middle of the top of the mouse is a raised line splitting the left and right sides off from each other. If this line wasn’t raised it wouldn’t be an issue but since it is, it kind of digs into my palm as I use it.

The rest of the design is quite pleasing though for example there’s a well-curved thumb rest on the right-hand side of the mouse, while there’s a lovely groove on the left-hand side for the pinky finger.

Then there’s the LED light system that’s fantastic. It has seven different colors available to give it a good look. the after that the icing on the case which is the inclusion of a removable weight system. Until quite recently weight systems were reserved for more expensive offerings by known brands such as Mad cats or Corsair, but now many budget mice have a weight system in place, sure it’s not as advanced as the more expensive offerings but it’s still a start. The weights live in a compartment on the bottom side of the mouse. You can choose to have all three in, two in, one in or just none at all depending on your preference. I’m not really much of an advanced PC gamer so I don’t find myself using the weight feature at all, instead, I have just left all three in.

ECHTPower K8

This mouse has 9 buttons, most of which are user customisable through software. Again not something I do, I personally prefer to keep the settings as they are, but you will be happy to know if you do use these settings you also have the choice to set up profiles and macros. Each button is very responsive and the scroll wheel works really well with no stiffness or sticking which is something I have experienced in many other budget gaming mice.

In use:

I have been using this mouse for both gaming and general computing and I must say my overall opinion on how well it works is pretty good. The mouse does really well for general computing such as browsing the web or moving about in word documents. The pointer moves with no lag and the mouse glides nicely along my mousemat. In gaming it’s still really good, it’s fast, fluid and responsive. Switching DPI’s is really quick and easy which is essential for any Pro gamer as pointer speed can be the difference between getting that headshot and missing completely.


For the price, this is a really good mouse. For the most part, the style is fantastic with the only issue being that annoying raised line dividing the two sides of the mouse. It works really well and is incredibly responsive in use.

ECHTPower K8


I received this product for free in return for my honest and unbiased review. This has had no effect on my overall opinion of the product.

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