EasySMX SI-0931 Gaming Mouse Review

The EasySMX SI-0931 gaming mouse is a budget-friendly PC mouse that features adjustable DPI, an LED lighting system and four programmable buttons. It’s currently on sale with a 50% discount on Amazon, meaning from now until the 26th July 2018 it only costs £8.99. (Use this code ESMSI903150 at checkout).

Cheap gaming mice usually don’t have much when it comes to looks, but I have to say the EasySMX SI-0931 gaming mouse looks pretty cool. The overall design is what you’d expect of a modern gaming mouse. A black/silver color scheme makes it stand out from single-colored mice, while the breathing LED lighting system ensures that it looks cool while maintaining the modern style.

In terms of size the EasySMX SI-0931 gaming mouse is easily a mid-sized mouse, which means most hands should fit without any real issues. I can comfortably place my hand on top of the mouse without the annoying feeling that you get from the bottom of your palm as it drags along the surface of your desk, which is something that often happens when a mouse is too small.

As well as its size, the mouse also proves comfortable in other areas such as the sides and the front. The sides are subtly grooved inwards, while the front of the clicker buttons groove nicely around the fingers. The mouse has a lovely premium feeling finish to it, which is something I don’t often come across on cheap gaming mice.

Something I really appreciate about this mouse is the fact it isn’t over-run with buttons. A lot of gaming mice have a few extra buttons that can be utilized by games but aren’t really required to play, so for me, they feel like a waste and get in my hand’s way for no real reason. Thankfully the EasySMX SI-0931 only has six buttons (four of which are programmable). All the basic buttons are in place such as the scroller wheel, DPI changer and the left/right clickers. The other two buttons are the back and forth buttons, for going back and forwards to a previous screen.

The cable length is 1.8 meters, which is plenty for most modern PC setups. There’s plenty of free moving room between my PC and the mouse, so I don’t need to worry about any snags. One thing I don’t like about the cable is the fact it’s not braided. Braided cables are generally stronger and last a lot longer, they also look a lot nicer than their basic counterparts.

When it comes to gaming mice, you need something that is responsive to your every command. Thankfully the EasySMX SI-0931 is quite responsive both in game and out of game doing general PC activities such as browsing the web or creating a word document.

I have used it for several different games now and have found it to be great. It’s fluent and smooth in action, with no noticeable lag or input problems. It’s obviously nowhere near Pro-game standards but if you’re just a normal gamer, it does a wonderful job. Each button clicks with ease and the action on-screen is smooth and paced as you would expect.

For general purposes such as browsing the web and creating documents, the results are pretty much the same. There’s no noticeable lag and the mouse pointer moves smoothly across the screen with no issues.

The changeable DPI feature is fantastic if you need to speed up your movement or slow it down while on the virtual field. There are four DPI levels on the EasySMX SI-0931 gaming mouse (800 / 1200 / 2400 / 3200). Switching between them is simply a case of pressing the DPI selection button, which is the one below the scroll wheel.

While the EasySMX SI-0931 gaming mouse is obviously a million miles away from pro-gamer status, it’s pretty damn good for its price. It’s well made, looks awesome and has cool features such as an LED system and changeable DPI level. It performs quite well both in game and for general PC use. With a normal Price around £15, it’s really an astonishing bit of kit.


  • Well made
  • Looks great
  • Performs well
  • Loads of bang for the buck


  • None-braided cable