EasySMX GM 787 Gaming Mouse Review

The EasySMX GM 787 gaming mouse is another budget-friendly mouse from the Amazon company. Just like the EasySMX SI-0931 that I recently reviewed, it features adjustable DPI, user programmable buttons and an LED lighting system amongst other things.

[New Version] Zelotes 7200 DPI 7 Buttons LED Optical USB Wired Gaming Mouse Mice for Gamer PC MAC
  • This mouse is intelligent connectivity, no need to code, plug & play
  • DPI:1000/1600/2400/3200/7200,Polling Rate:500Hz,DPI and Polling Rate settings are closely related to the game performance,high polling rate can possible to reduce the likelihood of your movements being misinterpreted.
  • Ergonomic design,internally and externally,to create the ultimate game concept,long-term use without fatigue.
  • The hot key design: the first button of the left is the free double-click button, and the second, the third button are forward key and back key; more convenient to scan the web-page and files.
  • Compatible system:Windows 98/ 2000/ ME/ NT / XP/ win 7/ win 8/ win 10/ Mac OS and other OS,plug & play

Despite being a cheap mouse, the EasySMX GM 787 gaming mouse looks and feels great. It has a modern design that not only focuses on delivering good looks but also providing the user with a decent level of comfort. One design factor that plays a role in delivering a decent level of comfort to the user is the inclusion of a thumb rest area on the left-hand side of the mouse. The area slopes at an angle giving your thumb the perfect position to rest in as you move the mouse about. As for other comfort factors, there’s a curved back for your palm rest on and the size is just right to prevent palm drag on the mouse mat.

Gaming Mouse RGB

An all-black color scheme is made more appealing thanks to the inclusion of an LED lighting system with LED’s located under the logo and within the scroll wheel. There are five different colors and the color you see is reflected by the DPI level setting.

  • 1000 DPI: Green light
  • 2000 DPI: Red light
  • 3000 DPI: Blue light
  • 4000 DPI: Indigo light
  • 5000 DPI: Purple light

Gaming Mouse RGB

While not quite as lit up as other gaming mice, the lighting effects do look quite nice, especially the lighting that shines from both sides of the scroll wheel. It’s a shame there’s no way to customize the lighting though as this would make the lighting much more appealing.

I am really pleased to point out that the EasySMX GM 787 gaming mouse isn’t overrun with buttons that most people wouldn’t use. I often find these extra buttons get in the way and take up room, which could be used for keeping hands comfortable. Instead, there are six buttons (four which can be user programmed). You have the standard left/right-click buttons, a DPI selection buttons, a scroll wheel button and lastly a set of back and forth buttons.

Gaming Mouse RGB

The 1.5m long nylon braided cable is long enough to suit most people’s needs. It reaches the rear of my PC with no problems, whilst ensuring there’s also plenty of slack on the cable to allow for free unrestricted movement. Being braided not only makes the cable look nice but also ensures the cable has a desirable lifespan compared with the typical lifespan of a rubber coated cable.

If like me you use your PC for some general PC stuff and some casual gaming, then the EasySMX GM 787 gaming mouse performs exceptionally well. If you’re a precision gamer, then obviously you need something more than a budget device.

Having used the mouse for a range of activities from gaming to browsing the web, I have seen just how well it works. It’s smooth and fluent when it comes to things like making word documents and browsing the internet.

Despite its low price, it does a wonderful job when it comes to gaming. Sure it’s not got e-sports specifications but if like me you’re not much of a PC gamer then this won’t really matter. It works well in game and provides a smooth experience with no noticeable issues such as input lag. Being able to quickly switch the DPI is fantastic as it means you can instantly adjust the speed of the mouse, which is great for those moments you’re trying to snipe another player halfway across the map.

At such an affordable price (£14.66 at time of this review) the EasySMX GM 787 gaming mouse is a steal for anyone who needs a mouse that’s good enough for general computing and casual PC gaming. It offers a stylish modern look that makes sure it looks good with most PC setups and is also very comfortable to use.


  • Great design
  • Comfortable
  • Nylon braided cable
  • Performs well


  • No way to customize LED lighting

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