Doosl DSIT014 Wireless Presenter Review

The Doosl DSIT014 wireless presenter is one of many in the Doosl range. Unlike the previous Doosl presenter that I reviewed here, this one features a built-in rechargeable battery and an ink feature that allows you to write on the screen by simply moving the hand the presenter is in.

It features six buttons on the front and another three located on the sides. The six button located on the front are your basic navigational buttons as well as a laser pointer button and a left click button. The left-hand side is home to a power switch, while the right side is home to the ink button and an eraser button. Also present on the right side is the microUSB charging point. At the bottom of the presenter is a storage point for the nano USB receiver.

Doosl DSIT014 wireless

It’s just the right size if you’re looking for something you can easily slip in a pocket or laptop bag. It’s also quite light in terms of weight and sits nicely in the hand, although its curved shape can make it uncomfortable after long periods of use.

Powering the Doosl DSIT014 is a built-in rechargeable 300mAh battery. Fully charging the battery from flat takes around 1 and a half hours and it can last up to 30 hours in total. So far I haven’t yet had the battery go flat on me and I have probably used it for a total of about 10 hours for various the ink mode feature.

My favorite feature of the Doosl DSIT014 is the ink feature. It turns the presenter into a wireless pen device that can write on your display, by simply writing in the air, as if you are using a real pen. It does take a while to get used to and the different positions required to write neatly with it, do make it become uncomfortable to use, even during short periods of use. If you make a mistake while using the ink feature, the eraser button below the ink button will help erase the desired part of your writing.

During the few presentations, I have used this with, I can honestly say it has worked really well. I have found the button layout to be great, with plenty of space to easily move my fingers around, making navigation quick and simple. The laser pointer feature also came in really handy, particularly when there were parts of my slides that needed to be pointed at specifically. I have found all of the buttons work really well and are quite responsive to each press and I have not once had to press any multiple times to get an action.

Overall the Doosl DSIT014 is a decent little presenter that is perfect for carrying around to meetings or college. Its small size means it fits nicely in a bag or pocket. It is packed full of interesting features and works really well.


  • Small and lightweight
  • Built-in rechargeable battery
  • Air writing feature


  • Shape causes slight discomfort after long periods of use