AMATOLIFE Optical USB Gaming Mouse Review: Cheap But Is There Any Wow Factor?

The AMATOLIFE optical USB gaming mouse sits very low in terms of price. For only £10 don’t expect anything amazing, because as the saying goes, ”you get what you pay for”.

AMATOLIFE optical USB gaming mouse features

The following information is taken directly from the Amazon product listing for the mouse.

  • Ergonomic & Antiskid Design with Rubber Painting Surface and Frame Lazer, fancy and comfortable.
  • With 4 adjustable DPI: 800DPI/ 1200DPI/ 1600DPI/ 2400DPI, ensure instant switching and precise tracking. Ideally for both pro gamers and daily using.
  • Using 1.5m wired USB, plug and play, no additional software or firmware required.
  • Includes Left button, Right button, Scroll Wheel, DPI key, Forward and Backward. Forward and Backward buttons achieve the function of page forward and page backward, partly enhance the user’s daily efficiency.
  • Mainly supports Windows 7/ Vista/ Me/ XP/2000 for PC Laptop, Desktop and Notebook.

 AMATOLIFE optical USB gaming mouse design

Admittedly the design of the AMATOLIFE optical USB gaming mouse is not its best feature at all. It’s made of a cheap feeling plastic and feels very light. For the price, this isn’t too much of a shocker but still, doesn’t make it feel or look any better.

In terms of comfort, I am happy to say that effort has been put into ensuring its comfortable to use. There are the usual things such as a groove for the thumb and a nicely sized palm rest.

There’s also a LED system in place. Talking of which there are two versions of this mouse, one has a breathable LED that turns Blue, while the one I have has a none breathable red LED. The LED on mine does look quite good, despite being limited in what it can do.

When it comes to cable length, this mouse is pretty average, it has a 1.5m USB cable, which is enough for my needs and most likely the needs of many other PC users as well.

AMATOLIFE optical USB gaming mouse in use

To be honest, while this mouse has the looks of a gaming mouse, that’s not really much else it does have to make it a true gaming mouse. Yes, it has a DPI switch with 4 levels, but that’s about it. As it gaming mouse it’s not really anything special as I have learned from using it for a few games. It works, it moves across the screen and functions as it should, but it doesn’t feel anywhere near as good as some of the twenty quid ones I have used let alone proper gaming mice made by well-known companies.

With all that said it does work well for general PC usage such as browsing the computer, surfing the web and word processing. The buttons are responsive and the mouse pointer moves without latency.


The AMATOLIFE optical USB wired gaming mouse is ok as a normal mouse, but for the low price it’s sold for, it’s no surprise it doesn’t really cut it as a gaming mouse.