OUNONA Wine Aerator Review: Great Tasting Wine With Barely Any Extra Effort


Welcome to my OUNONA Wine Aerator review. The process of aeration enables the wine to release its natural aroma and its tastes. Aeration occurs when wine and air mix together. It occurs naturally when you pour your wine, but it has more of an effect when you use a funnel device such as this aerator.


The aerator has a funnel-like design and the material used consists mostly of thick glass like plastic with a small metal band followed by a larger plastic ring at the top end of the funnel. The overall design doesn’t actually make it obvious what this is, so you could even have it sat as an ornament when it’s not in use.

It also comes with a small round plastic stand that can be sued to stand it up on a worktop or in the center of a dinner table for when you are having a nice drink of wine with your meal. I can honestly say it would be a nice thing to have set in the middle of a table as it makes a good decoration as well as a useful tool.

OUNONA Wine Aerator Review

In use:

It’s a rather easy to use product, simply place the thinner end in the top of your wine bottle and pour the wine into your glass. This automatically begins the process of aeration. Continue pouring your wine through the aerator until your glass is full.

The end results are actually quite satisfactory. I’m by no means a wine fine and often find it to be bland and awful, but using the aerator has at least for me made it more drinkable, which I never thought would be possible for me.

OUNONA Wine Aerator Review


This aerator looks really nice and goes well as a centerpiece on a dinner table. It also works really well and has made wine much more drinkable for me, as I am normally someone who doesn’t like wine.


I received this product for free in return for my honest and unbiased review. This has had no effect on my overall opinion of the product.

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