OULII Foot Compression Socks Review: Not So Nice In The Looks Department But Do They Work Elsewhere?


Welcome to my OULII Foot Compression Socks review. These socks have been designed to relieve your feet from pains including those of a condition known as Plantar Fascistic. I personally don’t have this condition although I do use compressions socks a lot for other foot-related pain.

Design and build quality:

The first thing I will say about these is the pattern is weird and awful, these are socks you will definitely want fully hidden. They have an almost medical look to them, in other words, they look like something your doctor would prescribe.

The other problem is these are more like ankle socks in terms of size, this means they rise up to the ankle area and not much further. For some, this may be ok but for me, it makes them a bit uncomfortable, that’s not to say they work though.

The build quality is actually quite good. The socks are made of a strong elasticated material, which allows them to stretch just enough to fit over many sizes and shape of feet. The quality really is quite premium on these socks.

OULII Foot Compression Socks Review

In use:

I do a lot of walking and running in my spare time, so my feet are often aching and in pain by the end of the day, but with these socks on, they feel much better, I still get a few aches though with them on so they obviously don’t work 100%. They do work enough, though, although it would be nice to have them working fully to relieve the pain.

After a long day, they can be a bit filthy, but they can be simply thrown in a washing machine and cleaned as you would expect.


These compression socks aren’t very pretty, but they are well made. The also work well but could be better in my opinion.


I received this product at a discounted price in return for my honest and unbiased review. This has had no effect on my overall opinion of the product.