Otao Handheld Car Vacuum Review: It’s More Than Just A Vacuum Cleaner


Welcome to my Otao Handheld Car Vacuum review. I have a few handheld cleaners, but that’s all they are, simply vacuum cleaners, this is actually a four in one device that consists of a wet and dry vacuum, a tyre pressure gauge, an electric pump and a torch.

Design and build quality:

The design of this is nice, the gold coloring and the styling are both beautiful, however, I do think the build quality could be a lot better. The minute I first picked it up I thought it was a cheap toy, since the plastic used on the back end of the vacuum is quite light and gives off a rather hollow sound. Then there are the catches that release the dirt storage tank, these are really tough and it requires quite a bit of pressure just to get the tank off. Next are the two buttons, while these feel ok, the designer decided it wasn’t necessary to translate the original Chinese writing and simply left the labels above button in Chinese.

The cleaner does come with three attachments and surprisingly they all feel very well made and feel quite strong. One of the attachments is a plastic flexible hose that is perfect for reaching the other two attachments into awkward and hard to reach areas.

Otao Handheld Car Vacuum Review

Since this has a pump built-in, it also comes with a detachable pump hose and several small attachments for things such as balls and pools. The hose itself feels nice and thick and has a black braided nylon coating to protect the tube from any damage.

The dirt tank feels and looks very well made. It attaches and detaches from the rear of the vacuum, although as I mentioned earlier, this is a hard thing to do as the locks are stiff. Inside the tank sits a cleanable HEPA filter which simply slips in and out.

Another downside is that it only has a car cigarette port adapter that means things such as pumping up a ball or a bike tyre must be done within reach of a car, which can sometimes be very inconvenient.

In use:

Coming in at only 12 volts this isn’t a very powerful vacuum, although it is powerful enough to clean a car. The included attachments all come in very handy as they allow you to reach down the gaps in between seats and other awkward areas.

The pump works really well but the tyre pressure gauge seemed to play up on me a few times although eventually, it began to give a near accurate reading. The pump attachments all work really well and I have been able to pump up balls, pools and tyres of course.

The light while only small was bright enough to light up a small area in front of it, which means it is easy to things like tyre valves in the dark.


I like the design of this vacuum but do feel the build quality is rather poor. It does work rather well though and the fact it’s a four in one device is brilliant, it means you don’t have to carry a separate pump and vacuum around all the time, taking up space in the boot of your car.


I received this product at a discounted price in return for my honest and unbiased review. This has had no effect on my overall opinion of the product.

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