Nubwo N6 PC Gaming Headset Review: A Budget Headset With Big Ambitions

Welcome to my Nubwo N6 PC Gaming headset review, a budget headset available on Amazon. Usually, when I think of budget gaming headsets, I think of cheap tacky headsets that have only been designed with talking and listening in mind. They often miss off very important things such as comfort. These, however, seem to be an exception to that.


So as I mentioned above, cheap headsets tend to look cheap and tacky in terms of design and they often aren’t very comfortable, however, the N6 seems to be different, very different. These for a starter don’t look cheap and nasty, they actually look really nice, sure they are still made from plastic, but that plastic is finished with a nice matt black paint that gives them a nice appearance. Then there’re the extremely thick earmuffs that are made using memory foam and coated with a soft leather exterior. The headband also makes use of soft leather but does ditch the memory foam, however, it’s still not that bad. The N6 truly are is most comfortable budget gaming headset I have ever used.

Nubwo N6 PC Gaming Headset Review

As with any gaming headset, there is, of course, a microphone built-in. It sits on the outside edge of the left earcup. It can be positioned at a few different angles, but it can’t be moved closer to your mouth, which means if you’re a quite speaker, you’re going to have to be a bit louder.

Nubwo N6 PC Gaming Headset Review

At 2.2 meters the cable is a decent length. It is able to run from my head right down the back of my PC desk and still leave me with some slack, but if you have any issues or your desk is a bit tall, there is an extension cable included with a jack for both the microphone connector and audio connector.  Just slightly down the cable is a box with a volume control dial present for simply turning the audio up or down.

In use:

Well, I must pleasantly say I am shocked at just how good these are. I have used them for listening to music on my PC and chatting on my PC as well as listening to music from my phone. In both scenarios the audio created by the N6 was fantastic, it felt as if I was listening to music using a slightly more expensive headset.

Nubwo N6 PC Gaming Headset Review

The microphone, however, wasn’t too good, it works and that’s fine, but due to the fact it can’t be moved left or right, I did find myself having to speak a lot louder than usual just to be heard properly.


This is a headset that really did surpass my expectations. It looks good, it’s very comfortable and the audio playback is fantastic. The microphone does need improvement but at least it works.

DISCLAIMER: I received this product for free in return for my honest and unbiased review. This has had no effect on my overall opinion of the product.

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