Nerdytec Couchmaster Cycon Review: Ultimate Couch Gaming

Welcome to my Nerdytec Couchmaster Cycon Review. The Couchmaster is a device that aims to solve the issues associated with playing a PC connected to a large screen T.V. Picture it like this, you’re a console gamer but have recently started gaming on the PC too, you enjoy it, but you miss the large screen area provided by your T.V. You decide to hook your PC up to your T.V and give it a go from the comfort of your couch, but the keyboard and mouse position is so awkward and makes the experience an awful one. Enter the Couchmaster, specifically designed to solve this issue, with a lapboard and two large-sized resting cushions.

Nerdytec Couchmaster Cycon Review: Product Features

Nerdytec Couchmaster Cycon Review

The following information in the product features area is taken directly from the product listing on the Couchmaster product page and is written by the manufacturer.

Experience the ultimate solution for PC gaming in the ergonomically perfect position from the comfort of your couch.

This hand-crafted system finished in high-quality artificial leather or microfiber offers you the most comfortable way possible of operating your PC from your couch. The Couchmaster is the perfect platform for long gaming sessions or ergonomic working on your living-room TV. The large cushions provide optimum support for your forearms. The integrated USB 3.0 hub provides connections for up to four input devices (such as a mouse, keyboard, headset, etc.). What is more, the latest chip technology makes it possible to run the whole system without a separate power supply*. The 5m active USB 3.0 cable supplied connects the Couchmaster directly to your PC.

We have tested the system at distances up to10 meters!

(By using an extra 5m extension cable. Available from us as an optional extra.)

(*up to 900mAMoreover, a power supply [5V, 1-2Ais recommended)

Nerdytec Couchmaster Cycon Review: Design

The Couchmaster Cycon comes as three main parts. Two cushion armrests and a largely sized lapboard. There are also a few smaller parts which I’ll get to shortly. I’ll start with the armrests. These are simply two large rectangular shaped cushions with a foam inside and faux leather exterior cover. Despite my vain attempt at describing them, they do look really nice and provide quite a bit of comfort.

Nerdytec Couchmaster Cycon Review

When it comes to the Couchmaster, the real magic lies within that large lapboard, it’s not just a board you can stick your keyboard and mouse on, no it’s actually quite a bit more and can even be expanded on using accessories such as a clip on ashtray and a tablet PC holder. The main feature of it though, besides the fact it holds a keyboard and mouse is that it provides its own cable management system as well as a built-in four-port USB 3.0 hub and thanks to the inclusion of a nice and long 5 meter USB 3.0 extension cable, you don’t have to have to have your PC right next to you or unsightly cables trailing everywhere. Simply just connect the included 5-meter cable to the lapboard and plug your mouse and keyboard into the internal USB ports of the lapboard. Two birds with one stone there, as you have a fantastic cable management system and a lovely long cable to connect to your PC.

To access the internal hub and cable management system you do need to undo ten screws (5 on each panel at the back) to remove the panels to reveal the hub which sits centrally between the two panels and unlike with the original Nerdytec lapboard is actually a built-in part. Having both panels secured by screws is a slight pain as it means you have to remove the screws anytime you want to disconnect your keyboard or mouse. Oh and I should also mention that there are two holes on the lapboard surface, these holes are the feeding holes that get your cables from the exterior to the interior cable management and hub.

Nerdytec Couchmaster Cycon Review

The lapboard looks rather nice and has the Couchmaster branding etched into it in large noticeable type. The board has a textured leather look to it but is actually made from a light but durable plastic. Using a mouse on this surface is actually quite good. The mouse works as normal and is responsive, but in case it’s not your thing, Nerdytec have thrown in a mousepad with the Cycon too. There’s also a built-in wrist rest area on each side of the bottom. These are spaced well enough apart to make using a keyboard on the Couchmaster a very comfortable task. At the top of the lapboard is a single USB port, which is part of the four port hub. This port is the only port on the exterior of the lapboard and comes in handy for connecting USB devices such as storage devices or other methods of control input.

Now I’m going to go back to those cushions for a minute because they are a very important part of the Cycon. The reason being is that these cushions are what currently separate Nerdytec’s offering in lapboards from the other offerings from companies such as Corsair and Roccat. While they both produce lapboards with similar specifications, they don’t produce anything that puts as much emphasis on comfort like the Couchmaster does. This is because they offer lapboards that simply sit on your lap, the Couchmaster can be sat on your lap if you like and hey Nerdytec even sell the board on its own, but the cushioned armrest take away the awkwardness presented by balancing a board on your lap and give the board a much more stable surface to sit on. This equals a better gaming experience with no strain on your lap as well as a much higher up setup, meaning no strain on your arms. All of this adds up to a comfortable gaming experience, not offered by any other lapboard. One cushion has a pocket built into the side of it, perfect for things like remotes or a drink can if you want. There’s a removable mouse pocket included too, for keeping your mouse in when not in use. This is secured using hook and loop fasteners and talking of these you get a role included with the set, for securing things down.

Couchmaster CYCON - Couch Gaming Lapboard

Nerdytec Couchmaster Cycon Review: Comfort in use

I have to admit the Cycon really does deliver on the promises of a much better couch PC gaming experience in terms of comfort. With the Cycon, I am able to play games on my couch, just as well as I can play games while sat at my desk. This is because everything I like about using a desk is present with this product. I like the fact that I can precisely move my mouse as I please and I like the fact that the ergonomics are unchanged and I am able to position my wrist in many ways without causing any RSI issues. Since the cushions are there as well, my hands are constantly level like they would be with my desk, as I said earlier on, this means no unwanted strain on my hands, which means I can Play for much longer.

I have even found myself sitting there, to do other PC activities such as typing up reviews and browsing the web, so there is a lot more to this than just gaming. My partner has also tried it with her laptop sitting on the lapboard and finds it so much better than sitting there with it on her lap. I gave it a go too and have to agree, it made using her laptop so much better and that’s saying something as I can’t stand using her laptop normally.

Nerdytec Couchmaster Cycon Review

Nerdytec Couchmaster Cycon Review: Overall

The Cycon is a truly remarkable product. It takes inspiration from all the typical downsides of trying to use a mouse and keyboard while sitting on a couch. Through that inspiration, the makers have managed to make a product that combats all of the issues related to couch gaming, from the strain on the arms to the position of your mouse and keyboard. Nerdytec has truly delivered a wonderful product with the Couchmaster. Everything has been thought of with it, including the importance of cable management and a built-in hub. The only downside is that the screws do make connecting and disconnecting from the built-in hub a bit of a task.

To learn more about the Couchmaster, visit Steiger Dynamics here. If you want to purchase one, then check out this page. Thank you for reading my Nerdytec Couchmaster Cycon review. For more reviews like the Nerdytec Couchmaster Cycon review, be sure to check out the rest of the site.

The Couchmaster is available to purchase through Nerdytec in most parts of the world including the U.K and Europe and is available to purchase from Steiger Dynamics in the U.S, Canada and Mexico.

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