SUPER-BAB 5200mAh Portable Phone Charger Review

The SUPER-BAB 5200mAh portable phone charger may have a strange brand name, but that doesn’t take away the fact its one very useful device to have when out and about, particularly in days like these, when snow is covering the ground and you think you’re witnessing the day after tomorrow in real life. A device like this can really be a little lifesaver sometimes.

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Portable phone chargers come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, some are big and some are small pocket-friendly devices, this one falls into the latter. While its small enough to fit in a pocket or bag without issue, it is on the chunky side, as opposed to the skinny side, this doesn’t create too much of an issue, although it may cause a bit of discomfort if kept in tight jean pockets for a period of time.

If you’re looking for simplicity and ease of use then the Super-BAB 5200mAh portable phone charger is right up your street. It’s not at all complicated to use thanks to its simple one-button operation. All you have to do is press the button and connect your device and then the charging begins, it takes no more than 2 seconds. If you simply need a rough idea of how much power is left in the portable charger’s battery, simply press the button once and any number of the four LED’s on the side will light up, so if all four light up it means you have between 75 to 100% power remaining and the pattern continues going down in increments of 25% so if three lights are on, you have between 50 to 75% of power remaining.


For anyone looking for a portable power bank that can charge multiple devices at once, you’ll have to look elsewhere as the SUPER-BAB 5200mAh portable phone charger only has one USB output, which for a small capacity charger like this is typically the norm. The only other port on the charger is the microUSB input charging port.


Charging this power bank from empty to 100% takes roughly 3 hours from a plug socket, which is the typical amount of time it takes to charge most smartphones. Charging my Moto G4 using this charger, takes roughly 2 and a half hours from a fully drained battery to a full one. Since my phone has a 3000mAh battery, I can typically get one and a bit chares from this charger. A technology referred to simply as ‘Intelligent fast charge’ is in use here, which promises faster charging than normal chargers. In all honesty, this is the sort of marketing you see on many different power banks across Amazon.

Overall the SUPER-BAB 5200mAh portable phone charger is a good enough device to carry around in case of those little emergencies, where your phone battery has decided its had enough. It’s simple to use, small enough for a pocket and provides at least one full charge for most modern smartphones.


  • Easy to use
  • Small enough for a pocket
  • Provides at least one full charge


  • On the chunky side
  • Only one output

Anker [Upgraded to 6700mAh] Astro E1 Candy-Bar Sized Ultra Compact Portable Charger, External Battery Power Bank, with High-Speed Charging PowerIQ Technology
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  • Incredibly Compact: The size of a small candy bar (3.8 × 1.7 × 0.9in, 4.4oz) it fits perfectly in your pocket. Recharges in 5.5 hours with a 1A adapter (not included) and the included Micro USB cable.
  • What You Get: Anker Astro E1 Portable Charger, Micro USB Cable, travel pouch, welcome guide, our fan-favorite 18-month warranty and friendly customer service. USB-C cable and Lightning cable for iPhone / iPad sold separately.

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