STM Studio IPad Case Review

The STM Studio iPad case is a shell/folio style case designed to fit the iPad 9.7, iPad 9.7 Pro, iPad Air 2 and the iPad Air. A smaller version with the same name exists for the iPad Mini range. The Studio case features instant on/off, secure closure and multiple viewing modes.

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Design wise the STM Studio iPad case is rather stunning. Around the front is the rubber-covered flap, whilst the shell on the backside is a hard transparent plastic. What I feel really completes the look here is the way the flap seamlessly connects to the shell. Rather than the flap simply matching the screen size of the tablet, it overlaps over the right edge to create part of a two-part magnet locking system alongside the magnet on the hard shell. Not only does this look good, it also creates a more secure case by preventing it from accidentally opening whilst being carried around in a bag.

The flap also folds backward to create a stand capable of providing you with multiple viewing angles, which is great if you watch movies on your iPad or even have it paired with a Bluetooth keyboard for work purposes. The stand stays in position using the magnet on the flap cover.

If you like choice, you’ll be happy to know the STM Studio iPad case is available in a choice of three colors. I have the dark green smoke color which consists of a green colored flap and a transparent clear see-through hard shell. The other colors are black smoke, which just like the dark green smoke version comes with a transparent see-through hard shell and dark purple which features a purple colored transparent see-through hard shell.

All buttons and ports are easily accessed while the iPad is in the case. That said, however, the volume rocker does get covered while the flap is closed, meaning you have to lift it if you want to adjust the volume if, for example, you are playing music from the iPad. There’s a large open area at the bottom of the shell providing enough room for the speakers and the lighting connector without covering them over. The camera cutout is well positioned as are the microphone cutouts. The top is home to a cutout area for the 3.5mm audio jack as well as the power button on the opposite side.


Inserting and removing the iPad from the case is quite simple. Just place it in the shell to clip it into place, and then lift it out from the bottom area using your fingers. Once in the shell, the iPad sits securely with no free movement, meaning it won’t accidentally fall out.

The price of the STM Studio iPad case is around the £40 in most places. This seems a bit steep for a tablet case, but given the quality and care that STM puts into designing and building their cases, it’s a one-off payment worth paying.

Overall the STM Studio iPad case is a fantastic case that is well made and looks the part. Its various features such as the magnet lock and multi-position viewing angles make it a fantastic choice in a market full of cases.


  • Well made
  • Looks great
  • Magnet system to secure the case
  • A few colors to choose from


  • Volume button covered by flap when closed

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