Sandberg Powerbank 18200 Review: Affordable, Practical, Perfect


Welcome to my Sandberg Powerbank 18200 review. Powerbanks have very recently become a huge area of interest for both consumers and manufacturers as they allow you carry about a portable battery station that can hold as much as 3X more juice than the battery in your phone. This means you are able to charge your a phone a few times or as such is the case with this Powerbank three phones at once.

Design and quality:

With such a large battery pack, comes such a large housing, which certainly is the case here. While this is certainly a portable Powerbank, it’s more suited for a bag than a pocket. I have tried to have it my pants pocket, but it just weighed them down, so yes definitely more of a bag item in my opinion.

The visual appearance of this Powerbank is quite nice. It’s finished with a matt black finish and proudly shows off the Sandberg branding at the bottom. At the top is a nice little LCD display, which replaces the traditional LED lights that are used to give you a rough idea of how much juice remains in the Powerbank. The LCD display is a much better option as it gives you the precise amount instead of just a range indicator. The screen also tells you what output is being used and also illuminates when a device is connected or the power button next to it is pressed.

Along the top edge of the device are three USB ports, a MicroUSB port and a LED torch-light. One of the three USB ports has a 1amp output, while the other two use ‘iSmart’ technology. Out port one is the 1amp port, while out port two is the 1.5amp port and out port three is the 2.4amp port. Ports two and three both use ‘iSmart’ technology to detect a device’s maximum charge output and input up to their maximum amp allowances. Around the back of the Powerbank, you will find all the information about the outputs that you need to know.

The two large side edges of the device are both different. One is flat while the other is curved. Surprisingly this actually makes it look better than just a typical plastic slab, which is odd as that’s technically what it’s supposed to look like.

Inside the Powerbank are some handy features you’ll most likely never see as you’ll most likely never open the thing up. These features are of course related to maintaining a safe charge for the Powerbank and any devices connected to it. The first feature is protection against overcharging, which can greatly reduce the lifespan of a device’s built-in battery. The other feature I’ll mention is short-circuit protection, which prevents the device from short circuiting which in turn practically fries the main board and damages the battery pack.

Sandberg is no stranger when it comes to producing high-quality products, so it’s no surprise to me that the this is a very solid feeling product. It’s so solid that the case doesn’t creak and a shake of it reveals no loose sounding parts at all.

In use:

For my initial test run of this Powerbank, I decided to make use of all three ports and had the following devices connected to it all from 1% battery remaining. An Amazon Fire 7 with a 2980mAh battery, a HTC One M9 with a 2,840mAh battery and a Moto G3 with a 2,470mAh battery. Add these together and we get a total of 8,290mAh, which means I can get just over two full charges for this whole set of phones together. If I was to break that down into one phone at a time, the One M9 would get around 7 full charges, while the Fire 7 would get around about 5 full charges and the G3 would get about 7 full charges. These are rough figures I have worked out, but do bare in mind a give and take may be required as the power bank does need to use some of its battery itself.

I have done a few tests now with these three phones altogether and individually and have found the results to be pretty much the same as my rough calculation above. This means the Powerbank is brilliant and would make a handy companion for a camping trip or any other period of time away from plug sockets.

Charging the Powerbank itself from a flat battery to 100% is time-consuming. I’m talking about 20 hours, which means charging it one day and unplugging it the next day. So if you are going to use this for a camping trip, make sure you have it charged at least 24 hours before you’re due to go. I should also mention that this time is using a wall adapter, not a PC USB port, so if you are going to use a USB port, you may find it takes a bit longer.


Sandberg has only gone and done it again. At only £64.99 at the time of this review, you really can’t go wrong with this. The capacity is fantastic, the design is fantastic, the features are fantastic, I think what I’m trying to say is that overall this is fantastic. I can also use the rule of three to sum this up nicely. Affordable, Practical, Perfect. The only issues I have is that it’s not very pocket-friendly at all and it takes some time to fully charge it.


Sandberg very kindly sent me this product for free in return for my honest, professional and unbiased review. This has had no effect on my overall opinion of the product.


  • Large capacity
  • LCD screen for remaining battery capacity
  • Well made
  • Stunning looks


  • Not pocket friendly
  • Takes some time to fully charge

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