Sandberg Excellence PowerBank 3000 Review

The Sandberg Excellence PowerBank is an affordable portable battery charger that can be used on most modern phones thanks to its built-in MicroUSB cable and even modern iPhones thanks to the built in Lighting port connector.

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Having used a lot of different Powerbanks as a reviewer, I know that most of them are quite thick, this one, however, is very slim, so slim in fact, I have wondered how Sandberg have managed to squeeze a battery with a larger capacity than most modern phones into its slim body. With this, slim profile also comes a very light weight product. Just picking this up, it feels as if nothing sits inside it. Lastly is the size, it’s just a bit bigger than my driving licence.

There are two built-in cables that slot back into the PowerBank when not in use, one is a standard MicroUSB cable for most modern smartphones, while the other is a Lightning port connector for the most recent bunch of iPhones.  These cables live on each side of the PowerBank. Now I’m unsure as to whether or not you can have two phones connected to this at once as I don’t own an iPhone, but in all honesty with only a 3000 mAh capacity, it’s safe to assume the PowerBank 3000 isn’t really made for multiple devices.

Along the front end of the device is a female MicroUSB port that is, of course, used to charge the device from either a mains socket or a USB port. If charging from a mains socket the device will be fully charged within 4 hours, if plugged directly into a PC’s USB port it takes 7 hours. I have tested both of these methods and can safely say these are both very factual claims. There’s also a small button to activate the unit and give you the current battery level reading.

Running from the top to the bottom of the top side of the device is a blue strip that not only adds a bit of character to the overall design but also houses four LED lights at the bottom end. These LED lights are designed to give you an idea of roughly how much battery is left in a percentage form, unfortunately, I can’t find anything to suggest what 1,2,3 or 4 four lit up lights suggest is left in a percentage form.

Sandberg Excellence

In use:

As the owner of a HTC One M9 with a 2,840 mAh, I can only get one full charge from this device, so it’s not ideal for long trips away, such as a week camping, instead it’s more suited for single days out where you’re not going to be around a plug socket. So if you intend on going away on a long camping trip you will require something bigger, luckily Sandberg has a wide range of bigger PowerBanks, most of which I have tested in the past.

In terms of charging my phone, this is an ok device. It outputs at 1A only and takes about 2 hours to fully charge my phone, which in all honesty isn’t too bad at all. It also charges my partners Older S5 from dead to full in about the same amount of time.


The PowerBank 3000 is the perfect solution for those odd days where you may be away from a plug socket, however due to its low capacity, it wouldn’t be very good for long trips away. It’s stylish and very pocket-friendly. At its current price of only 19.99 GBP it’s a product I would easily recommend if you need something like this for that odd day away from the office or home.

DISCLAIMER: I was sent this for free by Sandberg in return for my honest and unbiased review. This has had no effect on my overall opinion of the product.

Portable Charger Power Bank 25800mAh Huge Capacity External Battery Pack Dual Output Port with LED Status Indicator Power Bank for iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, Android Phone,Tablet & etc(Black)
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  • What You Get: Lanluk Power bank 25800mAh portable charger, Micro USB cable, User Manual, our worry-free 18-month friendly customer service.

Reward and overall score:

Having earned 9.5 out of 10, the PowerBank 3000 has earned a Gold Reward. Scroll down to check out the full score breakdown.

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