Sandberg Bluetooth Keyboard Case Review: Turn That Tablet Into A Laptop

The Sandberg Bluetooth keyboard case is a tablet case that comes complete with a removable Bluetooth keyboard. Instead of being modeled for one type of tablet it has been modeled for tablets from 9 t0 10.1 inches in size. Unfortunately, I failed to notice this little fact so have ended up using it as a stand with keyboard for a smaller 7-inch tablet, however, I have managed to borrow my neighbor’s 10-inch tablet just to get the proper results for the review.

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Sandberg Bluetooth Keyboard Case Review: Product specifications

The following specifications are taken directly from the product listing for the case over on the product page on Sandberg’s website.

  • Fits 9-10.1″ tablets
  • Bluetooth interface (HID)
  • Bluetooth v/3.0 Broadcom chipset
  • Built-in 190mAh LiB Battery
  • Operating distance: Up to 10 metres
  • Supports Adaptive Frequency Hopping(AFH)
  • 13 hotkeys
  • 82 standard keys
  • LED indicators for Fn Lock, Num Lock, Caps Lock and Low Battery

Sandberg Bluetooth Keyboard Case Review: Design

The Sandberg Bluetooth keyboard case has a folio design, which means your tablet device sits inside and while not in use is protected by a panel at the front. In this case, the panel at the front is also the same panel in which the tablet sits on the opposite side. This means all the weight is shifted to the front panel of the case, The rear panel is instead the area that the keyboard sits in. As I mentioned earlier they keyboard is removable. It is secured into the case by the use of magnets carefully hidden under the faux leather covering. Unfortunately as the front panel of the case folds down towards the keyboard, which means the keyboard and tablet are free to touch each other, which of course could lead to scratches or damage on your tablet’s display. The only way to fix this is to remove the keyboard and carry it around separately.

The tablet is held into place by four thick pieces of rubber located on the inside of the panel. These do a fantastic job of keeping the tablet in place, both when the case is open and closed. Since this is a universal case, the pieces or rubber simply sit around the four corners of a tablet’s outer casing.

Since this is a universal case there’s obviously no camera cutouts or dedicated button cutouts, so you will have to do without. The upside is that if you use various tablets and carry a different one at different times, the case will have no problems storing them all safely, well as long as they are between 9 and 10.1 inches of course.

With a black faux leather finish, the case has a professional look to it. It really would suit any businessman or woman quite well as they sit on a long train or plane ride typing away the hours of yesterday’s meeting or whatever.

Then of course’ there’s the keyboard. It’s a pretty good keyboard and is available in with a UK layout or a Nordic layout as is the case with all of Sandberg’s different keyboards. There’s no dedicated number pad, but the row at the top is enough in my opinion. The top is a black plastic plate, while the bottom is a metal plate, specifically designed for the magnets inside the case.

Sandberg Bluetooth Keyboard Case Review: Setup

Connecting the keyboard to my tablet via Bluetooth for the first time was a quick hassle-free task. It took me no longer than 30 seconds to do before I was free to type and navigate my tablet using the keys. That’s it really for the setup. It’s that simple.

Sandberg Bluetooth Keyboard Case Review: In use

I have managed to use my friend’s iPad with this case and I have to say it’s been brilliant. The tablet sat in the case with ease. This was the case both when carrying the case around in a bag and using it as a stand with the keyboard connected to the tablet. The tablet stayed in place and never once looked like it was going to fall out.

Typing on the tablet with the keyboard was also a charm. The keys were responsive and letters were appearing instantly as I typed. Using the arrow keys to navigate was also a refreshing experience, away from using a finger on the screen.

Sandberg Bluetooth Keyboard Case Review: Overall

Sandberg has produced a very clever product with the Bluetooth keyboard case. Not only have they produced a two in one case, but they have also produced one that fits various 9 to 10.1-inch devices, taking away the need to hunt around for a one tablet type case. While it has its flaws, it’s still a decent case and performs its duties as expected. The case is well made and the keyboard works a treat.

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