Samsung Knows The Cause Of The Galaxy Note 7 Fires

Back in August 2016, the Galaxy Note 7 was released to the public. It was the latest and best phone in the Note series of devices aswell as the hottest Android device around. However, all of this was to be short-lived, when it turned out the Note 7 liked being ”da bomb” of the Android world a bit too much and decided to take that role a little bit too seriously, with reports of the device catching fire in different parts of the world, which ultimately led to a recall of the device and a bar from flights in America for the device.

The idea of this recall was to replace the dangerous devices with safe ones. After a few weeks, the replacements were on their way to Note 7 owners who had returned their devices. Unfortunately, it wasn’t too long before ”safe” devices began catching fire with reports growing yet again. This time Samsung issued another recall but put the hopes of many enthusiastic Note 7 owners/owners to be to sleep by announcing the death of the Note 7 a mere 2 months after release.


So what now for Samsung and the dead Note 7?

Since these events, unfolded Samsung has promised to deliver a report into the cause of the fires by the end of this year and it looks like they are keeping to that promise. That is if a report from The Investor is accurate, which states that Samsung has finally reported the cause of the fires to external laboratories.

As it stands at the moment, the results haven’t yet gone public but given the promise by Samsung to make the cause public before the end of the year and the fact they seem to be on track, I guess they will be delivering the Christmas present we all want, which is, of course, the answer to why the Note 7 was so damn dangerous. Of course, until Samsung do release the results public we won’t know if this really is the case but given the timing of this news, it’s most likely true.

Here’s hoping Samsung has a better year in 2017, with the release of the Galaxy S8 and possibly a new member of the Note family, if people are still willing to trust the tech giant of course.